A Quiet Day [Open]
Bran ap Llyn

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Bran and Gareth knelt at the altar, hands held close together. They smiled, still enjoying the life of a newlywed couple, and all that it entailed -not just going to bed together, but all the other things as well. The simple things.

The two had bowed their heads, eventually moving them up after several minutes in the shrine. They helped each other up from the ground, squeezing their hands together once again. Would they be noticed by the gods? Hopefully, it wouldn't be overly spectacular.

The two looked around for a seat, sitting down in one of the empty benches eventually. Maybe they could meet someone soon.

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Inside of the temple the air is still and warm, the light of thousands of candles cascading warm patterns on the ground and the walls.

Whether or not the gods take notice of this simple act is unknown, but none make their presence aware to you if indeed they have noticed you at all.

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