Until Further Notice
Samuel Wordsworth
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Sam only became aware of the town's new 'leader' from some chatter in his shop between two men who didn't seem to take the whole thing very seriously. But it left enough of an impression on him for him to go out into the market and look at the notice board.

What he saw there instantly put fear into his heart, mostly because of the law about military draftings. He couldn't fight! Hadn't anyone seen him?! And...and oh, everything else too. He could find something to worry about in each law. He'd said the words Outlander and Natural before, was he going to be arrested...? Was he going to have his house searched..? ( He didn't know why it would be, but the terrified voice in his head never needed much in the way of reason).

As he headed back to his store, his chest and veins full of dread, he tried to make some kind of plan. But all he felt was an uncontrollable desire to hide. To crawl into a dark pit and come out when this was all over.

Impulsively, suddenly, as he reached his shop he took the 'closed' sign from the door and wrote on it: 'UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.' Once he'd done that though he felt still not protected enough. Taking books he didn't care about too much he stacked them all up in the window, to block any view inside. Then, taking his cat and precious belongings, he sat in the back, ready to stay there as long as he had to and turn invisible if anyone approached.
It's time that I let go
Of things I can't control
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