my heart stumbles on things I don't know
Remi Abruzzo
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if you make it all wrong then i'll make it all right
With a truly boyish grin Remi nodded. "I more than understand." He said, gulping slightly. For all of the alchemist's kindness, he was still a man, one that fought against sexual desires on a near constant basis. Perhaps less so now with Ronin in his life, but was more than aware of how dangerous an overly active imagination could be.

Letting his head loll adoringly to the side, a warm smile spread across Remi's lips. "Of course you can. You do not even have to ask." He said immediately, standing up now that he had been fully bandaged. Shirtless as he was, Remi created a plain white cotton shirt with ease, shrugging it over his head. If Pim was already giving Phoebe things to think about, Remi didn't need to encourage it by only wearing half his clothes.

"You can stay as long as you like." He said, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to her forehead.
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Phoebe Steadman
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Phoebe smirked at Remi, a snicker escaping her lips. "Oh really? Well don't give him any pointers." she said with a laugh, pointing to Pim. The last thing she needed was more sophisticated imagery coming from him.

She smiled at him brightly. "No, I do have to ask. You're engaged now and...well Ronin and I get on nicely but I am not as close with him as I am you so I need to not go traipsing into your home without some permission." she said, clearly trying to he respectful but playing a little fast and loose with it. She smiled, closing her eyes as he kissed her forehead. "Thank you, Remi...I just might take you up on that." It would be nice not to be completely alone all the time. Remi, Ronin, and Aoife would keep her well distracted.
Cause getting your dreams
It's strange, but it seems
A little - well - complicated
There's a kind of a sort of : cost
There's a couple of things get: lost
There are bridges you cross
You didn't know you crossed
Until you've crossed
And if that joy, that thrill
Doesn't thrill you like you think it will
Still, why am I not happier?

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