Unknown Reverance
Samuel Wordsworth
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Sam was beginning to grow familiar with the Greatwood, enough to know when he was repeating his steps; enough to roughly know where he had left his camp. Enough to see when he was on a new path. While it didn't happen often, when it did it was deeply exciting.

He had set off this day in a direction he felt was new, and before long was seeing trees that were unfamiliar, leaves beneath his feet that were a slightly different colour. The worry when he was in a new place was always that he might accidentally run too close to Sidhe, but here felt safe somehow; secret and sacred. Still, he was invisible, cautious by nature and following The Voice's instruction.

All at once the Mathair revealed itself to him. It was such a great sight that at first Sam did not understand what he was looking at. That such grandeur could be achieved by a tree amazed him; he stood and stared. He had heard a rumour of a tree-goddess...was this it? Or was this just a landmark?

Unsure, but wanting to find out more, he took some steps forward then laid a hand softly on the bark.
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