Training Polar Opposites
Peter Launceleyn
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Terrified of what I'd be
As a kid, from what I've seen
Every single day, when people try
And put the pieces back together
Just to smash them down

Peter hadn’t been sure what to expect when he’d asked Edrei to train with him. Honestly, he still wasn’t sure what to expect, waiting near the water for his cousin (was that right?) to arrive. As much as he didn’t like the oasis, it seemed a necessary precaution, and something told him the bottle that hung from his hip wouldn’t last long in the face of an inferno.

He had intentionally arrived early to look over the area, make sure there was enough room for whatever they ended up doing. Sparring, more than likely. At least, that was what he’d dressed for, none of his usual baggy clothes on to be caught or burnt up. Now that he was here, and done with his check, Peter thought that maybe he had arrived too early. Boredom usually took its time to catch him, but today seemed to be an exception. Edrei would find him crouched by the water’s edge, practicing his control over it’s motions.

Peter is very heavily scarred, most noticeably on his hands

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