Launceleyn Manor

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The Launceleyn Manor is an imposing structure, as one of the largest in the Hollowed Grounds. Great effort has been put into its restoration and maintenance, with meticulously kept gardens, magic powered water fountains, and paved walkways, making it a standout gem in the midst of the ruins.

Upon entry, the Manor is no different, harkening to a higher class lifestyle the Grounds has not seen in centuries. Dark wood floors in high polish and slate walls are adorned with rich fabrics in deep wine red and purples, accented with black and gold gothic decor give the home a dark, mysterious air. Most of the rosewood doors that line the halls are locked, off-limits to the public, as the Manor serves as they royal family's personal residence, as well as place of business.

Most visitors will be led by a single guard from the entrance to the main meeting hall, a large room with impossibly high ceilings and a grand fireplace over which the Launceleyn family crest is proudly displayed. Three large gothic-style chandeliers hang from the ceiling, alight with candles whose flames are maintained with magic. The far wall is lined with near floor to ceiling windows where a picturesque view of the woodlands is on display. Near the fireplaces is a comfortable seating area with deep red wingback chairs, though the main feature of the room is a long, stately rosewood table with high backed chairs, the family crest inset in the center.

Leadership NPCs
The NPCs listed below make up Queen Zariah's personal guard, her most ardent supporters. Though not regularly at the Manor in any great number, their presence can be felt throughout the Hollowed Grounds, wherever the Queen's work is being done.

Level 1

NPC 11: Natural Male Natural
NPC 12: Attuned (Lynx) Female Natural

Level 2

NPC 9: Destined Male Natural
NPC 10: Destined Female Natural

Level 3

NPC 2: Accepted Male Natural
NPC 8: Destined Female Natural

Level 4

NPC 6: Ascended Female Natural
NPC 7: Destined Male Natural

Level 5

NPC 3: Attuned (Grizzly Bear) Female Natural
NPC 5: Destined Male Natural

Level 6

NPC 1: Destined Male Natural
NPC 4: Destined Female Natural
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