Failure to Report - Ezra
Arrest of Ezra

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The final enlistment date had come and gone, and though in the wake of the public audience with the Queen many had rushed to sign up for fear of her wrath, or sudden enthusiasm for her leadership, a few still insisted on defiance. But of course, such defiance was not tolerated in the nation run by the Merciless.

Her guards waited with endless patience, the residence of the various fugitives not being difficult to find in the small community. Two guards had been sent for this particular fugitive, Ezra, lying in wait, hidden away under the cover of night for the man to show himself.

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Things on your to-do list? Look fabulous. Go to work. Seduce a pretty boy. Go home with them.

Things not on your to-do list? Get arrested.

You walk out of Lucas' pretty townhouse with all your usual morning mid-afternoon saunter. You don't see the guards, because they're hiding, which is dumb, because what on earth do they hope to accomplish with that sort of approach? Oh well.

You've got things to do. People to see. Unknown drafts to accidentally avoid.

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