A Royal Wedding Present
Letter to Remi/Ronin
Zariah Launceleyn
the Merciless
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Royal Correspondence
The Queen of the Hollowed Grounds sent you a letter. Lucky you.
Dear Remi and Ronin,

My sincerest congratulations and best wishes on your forthcoming nuptials. I do hope you enjoy these blissful weeks leading up to the day.

In recognition of Remi's continued and ardent support of my court, I am waiving the legal requirement of mine or the Left Hand's attendance, as a sign of goodwill and favor to you both. Additionally, the crown's wedding gift is in the form of payment. Due credit any debts incurred in the planning and execution of your celebration to the Family Launceleyn, and they shall be appropriately paid in full.

May your union be blessed by the gods.

~ Queen Zariah Launceleyn

Note: The ink is scented with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove, cardamom, and allspice. Upon reading it, you will hear the voice of Zariah Launceleyn dictating it to you.

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