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Remi Taliesin
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Thanks to the dunder miflin party planning committee assistance of Amalia, Phoebe, and Deimos, the feilds are as ready as they will ever be. The sun has already started to set, but signs point the way to the ceremony, heralded by softly flickering orbs of light (compliments of the the master-glass maker in town). Designated by stars and lions, the signs that mark the union of Ronin Taliesin and Remi Abruzzo are whimsical but clear, leading into sectioned-off portion of the fields newly punctuated by a shrine to Safrin.

Tables and chairs have been set out with hanging lanterns above to keep the light even as the sun begins to fade. There is an archway beneath which Remi and Ronin will eventually stand, but for the time being all are free to mingle.  Thanks to Rexanna, there is a musical device currently playing a song from Remi's childhood. On one of the tables is a mouth-watering assortment of cakes and pastries compliments of Amalia —but no touching just yet! Instead, appetizers have been set out: seasonal meats with garnishes from the forest. As well as a plethora of cocktails, liquors, and beers created by Remi himself.

The air is warm, though there is a mischievous breeze that will blow around curls and gowns alike.

Welcome to Ronin and Remi's wedding! You have 3-4 days to post your character arriving (hello we're chomping at the bit here (read: odd is)). There was a notice on the notice board, so feel free to consider yourself INVITED!

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Remi Taliesin
Portal Guardian
Age: 24 | Height: 5'11 | Race: Attuned x Abandoned | Nationality: Outlander
Level: 10 - Strg: 32 - Dext: 30 - Endr: 34 - Luck: 31
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If Remi was supposed to be nervous, no one had let him know. This was the first wedding he'd been in after all. If anything, he was just a bit fidgety. Not that the alchemist didn't love a gathering that promised food, friends, and hopefully a drama (and curse) free evening, but despite the lengths that he'd gone through to make everything perfect, all Remi truly wanted was the moment he could properly call Ronin his, and he, Ronin's.

His soon-to-be-husband had all but dressed him, having drawn out very specific instructions and patterns for what Remi ought to wear. The suit was earthen colours with brightly coloured accents, as well as a wooden bow-tie. Remi thought there was probably a pun or innuendo in the accessory somewhere, but his mind was filled with far too many romantic (and explicit) thoughts to work out what the joke was. The cloth accented his athletic frame perhaps a little too well for Remi's liking, but such were Ronin's instructions.

Dragging in a jittery breath, Remi helped himself to a glass of wine as he tried not to fidget too obviously with the two ring boxes in his pocket.

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Phoebe had been there pretty much all day, helping to decorate and prep and pretty much literally anything Remi needed. In but a few short weeks she had become quite the little party planner. Nothing short of perfection was acceptable for her Remi! She had only briefly left to go change and fetch her present. Although the real thing wasn’t exactly tangible, she had come up with a cute little way to introduce the topic. Hopefully cute and not awkward.

She arrived quite early for that reason, beaming from ear to ear, the small box wrapped in pretty paper in her hands. She deposited it quickly before looking around for Remi. The young midwife had chosen to wear the dress Jiao had made her, feeling it the only thing she owned pretty enough for such an occasion. Her hair was loosely pinned in a low bun, hair mostly in curls, with seasonal flowers woven into the braided hair near the crown of her head – the slightest hint of makeup accentuating her best facial features. Pim was dressed up for the occasion too, sporting a little bowtie he was very displeased about around his neck. Upon finding Remi, she would quickly rush over and hug him tight. ”Oh, I am so so happy for you! If you need anything at all, let me know, okay? Same goes for Ronin, of course.” She wouldn’t hover or force herself into his company if he didn’t wish for it, but she would stay nearby, just in case he needed anything.
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Ronin Taliesin
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Nervous? With a toddler? Please.

Remi's outfit was probably the only thing Ronin had contributed towards in this whole affair, and it was precisely because it was his right to perv on the alchemist tonight (and for all the nights after this one).

He arrived just as the sun was beginning to set with his daughter on his hip, his steps slow and leisurely, his attention all for Aoife. Her halo of dark curls bounced as they walked, and she waved about the bouquet arranged by Phoebe and the others like it was a club magic wand.

Nodding attentively to her as she cooed over her dress and the dusky fur trim on his armour, Ronin smiled and agreed and murmured replies where appropriate. Only when she exclaimed an excitable "Da!" (a word she had very recently learned and one that he delighted in hearing) and pointed at their surroundings did he glance up, blue eyes reflecting the lights and baubles overhead.

Then his gaze found Remi and a smile spread across his face, the hunter setting down a wiggling Aoife so she could run (read: clumsily waddle) over to see him. Their daughter walked and talked now. They were doomed, and he was ecstatic.
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Sam had come back to the Hollowed Grounds when he had overheard some Fae speaking of the new Queens disappearance. They had said humans were allowed in the woods now, so that was at least one law he wasn't breaking - he hoped that perhaps the draft he had dodged may also have gone away conveniently.

And when he did come back, to look at the state of his shop and try find his friends, he stopped by the notice board. What he saw there sent him into rather a panic, because it was Remi and Ronin's wedding that very night! Quickly, he rushed home and tossed his bag on the floor, stopping only for a moment to hug his cat (an important task - he would have done the same to Nate, but he did not appear to be home) then rushing upstairs to get dressed. There was no way he could miss it.

While he dressed, simply but elegantly, he looked within himself to see if he felt any negativity about the event. It was to be expected, almost, given he had had a relationship with one of the grooms. But when he really searched, he only found a sort of nostalgic sadness, something from the past he could put aside when it was time to support his friends in the present.

While he had made leaps and bounds in his progress at becoming more confident, he was still anxious as he approached Remi, holding a small gift he'd fetched from his box of finished projects - a white book with cream pages and gold edges, a golden sparrow painted on the front. With a shy smile, he held it out and said: "I don't want to take up too much of your time, but...I just want you to know I'm happy for you and Ronin, Remi. I hope you like this little gift."

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Bastien De Rosieres
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Bastien was not going to miss the chance to go to a wedding. This place had far too much misery and hardly any joy, and the chance to see two people in love actually make it? It was going to be beautiful.

With that in mind, he dressed beautifully. Matching to Rexanna, he attended in an outfit he had worked closely with a tailor in the market on, something not dissimilar to the clothes his family had brought from home, but with some...modifications. He could hardly go to a party without showing some chest, after all. Stars and moons covered the garment, swirling in graceful patterns that complimented the shape of his body.

On his waist, where the fabric met, he had a brooch in the shape of the sun. This was to match Rexanna, whom came by his side in glorious golds. He felt that together, they were simply the most radiant couple around; the sun and moon, together and glowing.

Not to upstage the grooms, of course.

Well, maybe a little bit.

Confidently he walked to both Remi and Ronin in turn and shook their hands, offered congratulations, before sitting to watch the ceremony. As he watched, a little thought began to brew in his mind; of how wonderful a wedding would be with not only his and Rexanna's outfits, but themselves, too, stood exchanging rings...

He looked over at her and while the thought was terrifying, it made him reach to lay a hand over hers with a smile.
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Rexanna De Rosieres
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So many things had happened and continued to happen, and Rexanna is terrified of missing Ronin and Remi’s wedding. But with her escape from Zariah, her meeting with the Voice, and seemingly being a target now rather than a pawn, her emotions are frazzled, unable to focus on nearly everything. That is, until Bastien returns to her home with news — news that the Queen is missing, and so she believes it’s as good a chance as any to leave the comfort of her home and her hideaways in case someone came searching for her. And while Bastien was busy crafting his own outfit to wear, she too had been busy making her own.

When the day comes, she’s anxious but excited, deciding that she wouldn’t let Zariah and her rules and threats ruin something wonderful. And so she dresses with Bastien, in swaths of gold and creams, showing skin much like her beloved (in case anyone had any questions who belonged with who), and focused on her jewelry. Her dress, golden and flowing, cascades to the ground, and she decorates it with a matching sapphire set of necklaces in the shape of a crescent moon sapphire to match her eyes and Bastien’s clothes; she steps out to brave the outdoors for the first true time since everything happened.

As they reach the gathering, she and Bastien go to greet Ronin and Remi, and there’s nothing but joy on her face as she greets them and congratulated them, before her and Bastien grabbed a seat — her eyes drifting toward the music box they had loaned Phoebe and the rest of the planning group, finding it fits in perfectly here with the event at hand. And when her eyes return to Remi and Ronin, she feels Bastien’s hand on her own and she leans into him sighing softly, squeezing his hand perhaps a bit to reassure herself despite her constant glances around the gathering for those she’d rather avoid.
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Adam Pikely

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Weddings meant a party which meant booze and a good time, so Adam was going to go. It didn't matter that he'd never heard of the two guys getting married, right? They'd probably be thrilled to have a local celebrity like himself show up (he was sure he had acheived this status in Caido by now).

Confidently he walked to the field, dressed in the nicest clothes he had on him. It just happened he didn't own very many nice shirts. Combined with a rather scandalous amount of stolen jewellry, he thought it made for an impressive look. Looking about he'd definitely made the right choice to come a little fancier; people were dressed well, enjoying themselves.

As soon as he could he made his way to the drinks and got started, figuring it'd help him sit through the boring wedding bits.

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Melita Najya

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The sun goes down, and the spaces between are magical, infinite, orbs of light and boundaries enlightened by the stars, by curls of lion’s mane, the field granted anew by the bonds signified and clarified, for everyone and all to see. Melita came garbed in green, something straight out leaves on boughs and branches, blending into sprite and fey connotations, sprigs of flowers braided into her hair. She’d even managed to wrangle a matching bow on Fangorn’s stem (before he managed to take it off and eat it).

She wandered in, waving to those gathered, eyes flickering to the grooms, a bright, indulgent smile meant for congratulations, not wishing to disturb them quite yet – making her rounds amongst the lanterns and tables, recognizing all the faces and figures, save for one holding Rexanna’s hand. Her eyes ghosted there but said nothing; a content smile curling its way through her features, before she took a seat further down, placing Fangorn in her lap.
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Are Jormsson
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Whatever had happened to jovial warmth and carefree smiles still would never be allowed to get in the way of such a joyous occasion. At least it wouldn't put a damper on the spirits of others. Such was the cobbler's thoughts as he made his way through the gathering crowd, clad in what meager adornments he'd manage to scrounge up and put together on such short notice. The bright blue coat a stark contrast to his usual drab palette. Still he felt like a crow among kingfishers, uncomfortably uptight in his fancier garb.

What little small talk he managed died out as soon as it had started, but exchanging pleasantries passed the time nicely 'til he could loosen up the nerves with a touch of liquid courage. Or 'til what little he had managed to sneak down could make his back a touch less rigid and his shoulder a bit more relaxed.
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Deimos Ignatius
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The wedding preparation for Remi and Ronin’s union might’ve been the easier stretch of festivities for Deimos: because no sooner had they accomplished their tasks, did Amalia note that he didn’t have any appropriate attire for such an event (work clothes and blood-stained garments were deemed unsuitable and unbecoming). By the time she’d finished with him, he’d not only ended up creating matching outfits (gray and gold, emblazoned and tucked and shrouded in a certain level of finery Deimos was certain he’d never be able to replicate – stars, stars, stars, edges of gilded tapestry for mutual representation), but actually trimmed his beard for the first time in what felt like centuries. Long locks had been pulled back into a bun, tunic collar smoothed down, and pants unwrinkled. He might’ve been uncomfortable had this not been for their friends, allies, and comrades.

Amalia’s hand tucked in his arm, they strolled down the pathway – and it was intriguing to see everything they’d done suddenly come together: enlightened and regal, sunset altering to evening, the orbs of light like will-o-wisps, the fields sanctioned for their ceremony, the shrine in the background created by all of them - elements signifying everything all at once.  The hanging lanterns, the archway, the musical device, and the cakes and pastries (which he eyed instinctively), were matters of achieved perfection, and even he had to smile at the pieces, at the assembly, at the work, at the notion that it was happening.

The beast gave a nod and wave to several kin nearby; especially Rexanna, waiting for Amalia, seeing if she wanted to offer their congratulations and greetings to the presiding couple.
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Remi Taliesin
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Feeling arms suddenly around his waist, the alchemist turned with a boyish smile of confusion, only to find Phoebe and Pim. Laughing and wrapping his arms around her in return, Remi pulled her close. "As long as Ronin actually shows up, more or less dressed, I will be quite happy." The alchemist said affectionately, pulling away from Phoebe for a moment only so that he could look at her. "You look breath taking." He gushed, his voice full of love and affection but strictly of a brotherly sort.

All the noise and jostling of bodies melded together to be nearly unrecognizable, save for one bright sound that rose above it all. Da! Turning and seeing Ronin and Aoife making their way through the arriving guests, Remi felt his heart catch in his throat, and the breath he was taking absolutely die on his lips. As if dazed, Remi could only stare as time seemed to slow. All he could see was Ronin's dashing smile, the blazing blue eyes he knew so well, and beneath his handsome uniform a body he wanted to instantly ravage. "Oh." Remi breathed under his breath, suddenly quite aware of what it was to fall in love with someone all over again, in a single moment.

But it wasn't his husband-to-be who held his attention, but the wiggling and beautiful (wait, was that mud on her knees? Ronin!) girl running (trying to, mostly wobbling unsteadily) towards him. Forgetting everything but Aoife, Remi crouched down to receive her, pulling her up against him as he stood and cuddling her deeply. "You look beautiful sweetling." He purred to her, pressing kiss after kiss against her cheeks, and then happily gobbling her neck and arms.

Hearing a familiar voice, Remi spun with Aoife still in his grip to see Samuel looking astonishingly handsome. Raising his brows with surprise, he gave his normally bookish and meek friend a once-over, before grinning back at him. "Oh Sam it is beautiful." Remi whispered, reaching out to take the gift. As soon as he did, Aoife reached out as well humming a word that sounded suspiciously like mine. "Is it? Are you sure?" He asked, kissing the girl's curls before shooting Sam an apologetic smile. "I am glad that you could be here. Truly I am." He said, reaching out to gently squeeze Sam's shoulder.

"Bastien you are a lucky man." Remi said, shamelessly letting his eyes stay on Rexanna as he winked playfully in her direction. That he had seen Bastien naked any number of times and that he and Rexanna had almost had sex to appease a god now made their strange friendship all the more fitting. "Thank you both for coming. And for the music." He said, before letting them go to take their seats.

With a welcome grin towards Melita (and raising Aoife's hand in a joyful wave towards Fangorn), Remi glanced toward Ronin, leaning in towards his partner with a conspiritorial whisper. "The wedding night definitely comes after the ceremony, right? is night.." Remi said, in no way trying to disguise the heat in his cheeks or how his eyes hungrily and insatiably drank in Ronin's outfit.

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   Weddings were something this family had to have perfected by now, right? It was as beautiful as it should be, and every glance at the decorations and familiar faces reminded her why her wounded heart was still beating. Smile, Ashe. For a little while, she told herself.

   Ashe wound through the crowd with nimble steps, her dress swaying gently around her ankles. It had taken her time to find something that would fit her, and it had been a pain to get it, but the task of finding one did well enough to keep her busy. Focusing on the excitement of the day was at the forefront - everything else could go up in flames on the backburner for all she cared.

   The moment she saw them, a wide grin split across the once-assassin's face. Ronin, Remi, her two best friends in this world and every other that they had tumbled through -- nothing seemed to fit better than they did.

   She broke into a run, brushing beyond the people separating them. In a heartbeat, Ashe threw her arm's around Ronin and squeezed him tightly. "Evening crab-kicker," she hummed before dropping down. She looked up at Remi and Aoifa. "You are so big," she crooned to the girl, then looked up to the alchemist to poke a finger at his arm -- a lot more solid than before she was lost. "You too, you know."

   Her heart swelled, and she looked between Remi and Ronin. She swallowed roughly as silver lined her eyes. "So which one of you would be my in-law?" she said, her voice light but thick. "You're both my brothers, so something's gotta be figured out here."
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Roana Steadman

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Could she have worn a dress? Yes. Would Ronin have made fun of her for it? Most likely. As it was, Roana was well aware that her former Captain counterpart was wearing a nice set of armor for his nuptials, so she followed suit, being there more for his support than Remi’s after all. Besides, she was much more comfortable in a suit of armor anyways…and her boys were insanely jealous, being forced into nice clothes and ties for the occasion.

She grinned upon seeing Ronin and Remi with Aoife, a slight tinge of sadness tugging at her heartstrings, though it would not show on her face. She had planned to wait until others were done greeting Ronin to step forward, but the boys had other ideas. Cormac, Rhett, and Jax ran forward through the crowd, grinning up at the grooms and Aoife. ”Hi Mr. Remi, Hi Mr. Ronin!” they all chimed, with various correct and incorrect pronunciations of ‘Congratulations’ closely following. Roana sighed and shook her head, smiling as she walked up. She clapped Ronin on the shoulder, grinning at her friend. ”Sorry for the onslaught. Congratulations.” she said with a grin to him and Remi both as Jax made his way to the gift table to place what they had brought…and take a few appetizers for him and his brothers of course.
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