a color that shines through your skin
Amalia Chandrakant
the Shield of Safrin
Hand of the Queen / Baker
Portal Guardian
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i think it's beautiful how a star's light
travels the universe long after it dies
Amalia sits at the foot of the shrine, just as she has countless times before, legs crossed under her and head bowed low, a candle lit on the ancient altar. There are many places where the girl prays - the shrine in the fields, the woods, her home - but this one will always be special. It is here her grandmother would bring her to tell stories and teach her songs. It is here that she met Safrin, and was gifted with her leopard skin. It is here that Ludo gave her a purpose, when she believed her life to be a mistake.

It is here that she received her greatest blessing: the forgiveness, the acceptance, the favor of Vi.

And what has she done with that favor? Very little, it feels, but she has tired, pushed down deeper into the world, looked for answers in hopeless places. The plants of the Spire are dead and gone, the walls of the monolith crumbling stone, but still the Blight remains. Safrin and Ronin are sick, and others too- people she loves, people she'll mourn, people who do not deserve this plight.

Sighing, Amalia bows her head, breathing deeply and stilling her thoughts. "Vi," she whispers into the dark, Jyoti cooing at her side, "I know you said you would look into the blight. I have learned a little, but with Long Night coming... I am afraid. For Safrin, and for the world.

"The blight... it doesn't seem to kill anyone. Instead it drives them mad, like the Spire demon. It does worse than causing death. It corrupts life. Please, there must be something we can do."
That's what I want to be in this world —
someone whose light lingers after I'm gone

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Charks has cashed in 300 MP for plot information! This has been given and aligns IC with this shrine thread.

It is gentle, the way the vision slips into her mind, like an embrace, like a sip of sweet tea, like the smell of wildflowers.

And it is a vision that Amalia is given from Vi himself - of what has come to pass, what is happening even now, and what will soon arrive upon the horizon.

The Shield of Safrin has asked, and she has been rewarded.

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