Parchment for Royalty
Delah Tàirneanach
the Greatwood Guardian
War Chief

Age: 101 | Height: 4' | Race: Fae | Nationality: Natural
Level: 5 - Strg: 11 - Dext: 30 - Endr: 25 - Luck: 28
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No one had told Delah about Ronin's blight and so the parchment was address to the ruling party.

Leaders of the Hollowed Grounds,

One of yours has been captured and placed into the pit for failure to comply with orders directly issued by my guard. This man apparently found the need to show off his magic much more important than the directives issued to him.

Please send someone to collect him at once. He is banned from the village the moment he leaves it.

Delah Tàirneanach

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