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It is getting worse. He can feel it within his heart, his body, his mind. Writhing and shifting. His hands have started to tremble too, though it’s been that way the last week or so. His moods have shifted, and he suddenly realizes that it’s coming on faster than Phoebe’s had. And the realization doesn’t make his fury any easier. In fact, it manages to ignite it.

He wonders if he’s come to Caido, gotten Lusea back, and actually been happy for once has angered the gods in one way or another. That they plan to take it away. That the sins of his previous life, previous home have come back to bite him in the ass. The fear within him grows stronger, and he realizes that there’s little to be done about it now. He had tried to plant the roses, had tried to plant the last single rose he had — before the darkness snapped, and he ended up crushing it beneath his boot.

This wasn’t normal.

But he knows he needs to get away, to not become a creature like Phoebe had been. To contain himself the best he can. And he finds himself wandering, drifting toward the bone bridge with an old habit that begins to kick in. He settles by the edge of it, right in the middle, looking into the abyss below. He’s not sure if the sun has set yet, but it’s dark enough outside and he can’t see anything below. Still, he leans up against it, arms trembling and braced as he lowers his head to his chest and grits his teeth.

A constant war within himself, like it had been years ago. Like it had been weeks after he had won the trials of Korofi. When he couldn’t decide if he should leave his bed or drown himself in the bath. Like it had been when he had been stationed in the slums, a stormy night he had stood along the rooftops, wondering how long it would take to reach the street below if he jumped.

He still doesn’t know.

But before the blight gives him the courage, he slides from the edge and sits among the snow, bundled in furs and leathers, hands reaching up to hold his face as he fights back those same thoughts over and over again.
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The darkness still coiled within his skin, sliding slick, black tentacles through his veins to wrap around his heart and throat, inciting rage and deep melancholy, vicious insults and snarling epithets at those who deserved them least. The Blight still corrupted his body and wove its dark influence over his heart... but it no longer controlled him, drinking down his mind and soul into an oblivion from which he had never thought to emerge. Roses had been planted, thorns had been wielded, and the grey light of dawn had begun to filter through the nightmare, promising that sunrise would indeed come again.

He was still weak from the trials the Blight had forced his body to undergo, gaunt from lack of proper food and rest and his white hair hung lank in its braid. Black veins still crawled through his eyes and beneath the skin of his hands, but the ebony was cut with more crimson each day, and though his hands shook as though palsied they once again obeyed his conscious direction, clawless and strengthening by the day.

The bard walked across the Bone Bridge on slow feet, leaning on a walking staff that was going into its second season of use and wrapped in a cloak of white furs, though his skin was still chill to the touch and warmth was hard to come by. He walked with purpose, however slowly, knotted measuring strings and stakes in the pack he carried. Blue peeked through the blackness that still shadowed his eyes, and he squinted against the snow that was beginning to fall from a steel-grey sky as he reached the center of the macabre span--

And nearly tripped over a bundle of clothing and meat in a human-shaped skin. A very upset human-shaped creature from the look of him, and Jigano cleared his throat gently as he stopped and leaned on his staff, hesitant to reach down when he was uncertain of his own strength.

"What is wrong?" he asked instead, voice quiet and coaxing though still rough with blight-strain.
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