I breathe disaster
Remi Taliesin
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sometimes love is all that can save us, sometimes love can kill a man
“And you? Seen lots of lions, have you?” Remi teased back defiantly. Other than me?” Huffing, the alchemist shook his head as he worked. “So you gave me back my sight just so I could see how disappointed in me you are? Nice, Loren.”

As Loren stared back at him, for a moment Remi felt regret flare inside of his belly, worried that the Launceleyn was going to yell at him for making a mess or simply being childish. Instead, he simply felt bits of dried leaves falling softly against his curls and down the back of his shirt. Shivering and shimmying at the feeling of it, the alchemist merely glared at the summoner with a broad smile. Vines shot out suddenly, meaning to bind the summoner’s arms, and if at all possible, tickle him. Loren probably wasn’t typical, the dry boney ones usually weren’t, but it was worth a try.
sometimes love is a soft touch, or a line drawn in the sand

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Loren Launceleyn
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Love mends even the broken parts
”No. But I bet you haven’t either. I’ve at least read about them.” The Launceleyn wasn’t going to let the alchemist’s skepticism get the best of the summoner. At Remi’s next statement, Loren just grinned. ”I’m mean now, remember?” Surely that little fact hadn’t slipped the other man’s mind already. However, it seemed the Launceleyn wasn’t anywhere near as mean as the alchemist was: vines grew, and both grappled and tickled the summoner. He didn’t laugh even though he was ticklish, because tickle torture was the least of the tortures he’d endured.

Still, a few amused grunts escaped and before too long he gave up. ”Alright, alright you win! You are the superior predator.” Hopefully that would be enough to get Remi to release Loren so they could actually make their meal. It worked, and they passed the time, keeping the banter flowing as best they could in spite of the coming darkness. And when they said goodbye, the summoner did his best not to feel as if it was final.

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Force and magic can be used against Loren without permission.

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