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Many have called out to them, many have sung and cajoled and breathed sighs of hope and peace into the wintry air, and oh, how they've heard. The luxere crowd the streets, their pale bodies otherwise blending in with the snow save for the brilliant glow of their antlers. They come in happy and joyful droves, bleating out harmonies that defy the soundlessness that normally accompanies LongNight. Let the monsters see them, hear them, and be banished by their light and grace. The efforts of those like Oliver and Loren have made an impact, and though they are skiddish around the ascended, they sense Bastien and Rexanna's devotion and newly kindled love, Wessex' bravery. Phoebe's kindness pulls them as well, as do the hearts and minds of the others within.  

A MEDIUM-LARGE Luxere herd gathers outside the Temple doors primarily. Some scatter down towards the Rathskeller door as well.

If you are going to be inside the Temple for LongNight, this needs to be your first post. Nothing specific, just that you're here, somewhere in the Temple.

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Right. The Temple. Sure, why the hell not?

Wandering through the herd of luxere with any number of supplies tucked under his arms, the snake entered the temple with a whistle and an unhurried smile, all but strutting. After all, this couldn't really be real could it? Monsters in the night? James was..uhh.. mid twenties, probably, and had lived in Caido his whole life and never once had he seen a proper monster that just decided to roam about simply because it was dark.

Then again, he was here for a certain bronzed ass, not to hide from some make-believe monsters (though if they were real, he was absolutely here to hide).
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the wraith
The Queen stands casually by the big-ass door the the Temple, watching and welcoming the people as they come to the sanctuary. Or not welcoming, in some cases, it all depends on how they greet her. She smiles for some, offering the occasional reassuring hand on the shoulder in the way that figureheads might do. Except she is no figurehead this week. She is now the only Queen of the Hallowed Grounds and she will seal this group inside the Temple and pray that all goes well.

She will also pray that the Voice calls her outside to see through the Monsters. Because as much as she wants everything to go right, she is also too curious for her own good. Too thirsty for knowledge. Too eager to claim that she’s survived the Monsters once again.
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testing loyalties,
It feels like an eternity before the day comes, when they’re all needed in the Temple – to protect and yet somehow manage to stay safe. But she feels better prepared than last year, the news of the Voice still fresh in her mind, the new chipset still there, unused, ready and lying in wait. She’s come prepared, she thinks, using her creation magic the last few weeks to make a few things just in case – to share and spread. Some knives, some daggers, - one dagger of which is elegantly designed with a moon on it, a gift for Bastien for when he arrives.

She ensures that she’s also created a special one for Clemente, telling him where they will be and how he could use this as an opportunity to meet Wessex as well. It’s swiftly approached, and now she makes her way there with a bag under arm and feeling as though she’s armed to the teeth, despite not even planning on leaving. She’s prepared. She’ll never be caught unprepared again. Still, she greets Wessex as she enters, a bright fanged smile and a nod, before setting her bag down just inside, standing opposite of Wessex on the doors entrance, to take up a mantel of preparedness in the hopes that it works.
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Unlike many of the others, Oliver wasn't quite prepared. He had researched LongNight through reading the books available to him and even tried to read up more on everything else he could. Anything to make him feel better about what was going to happen.

The young man arrived bundled up in his coat and two sweaters, as well, he had a bag stuffed with clothes and a small sketch book he managed to snag. The clothes were a variety of those provided by Remi and ones he managed to find within the manor thanks to Loren's offer. It wasn't much, but it was better than nothing. As well, he managed to get at least some kind of weapon, a staff. It wasn't the best, but it would be a good beginner's weapon. He procured it through offering some work to one of the vendors. He did want something more sturdy, such as a knife, but Oliver didn't feel like he could ask anyone for such a thing.

With the bag slung over his shoulder, he entered into the Temple, looking around at those who had already arrived. It would be okay. He saw some familiar faces and a couple of unfamiliar ones. It should be fun to see who else arrives considering he had arrived relatively early.

Walking over to a wall a bit away from the entrance, he set down the bag and took a seat on the floor. Oliver felt...awkward. He wasn't sure where his place was or what he was going to do. The most he knew about these people were a couple of their names and that's really it, minus some trivial facts. He didn't have anyone to converse with and could only hope that things would get better soon. That he wouldn't be forced to spend LongNight in awkward silence, waiting for the sun to return.
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So this is the Longnight everyone has been talking about. Well, they certainly won't have to worry about you trying to wander out into the dark. Nope, nope, fuck that noise- you're gonna stay here, nice and cozy and warm, glowering at your (very rudely) remodeled bar and drinking and fucking yourself silly.

And listening for gossip, of course. Hot, hot goss.

You've set up a makeshift bar station in the big room since the Rathskeller is overrun. It's... decent enough, you suppose. Good for a pinch. There's booze and more booze, and that's what really matters. So as the throngs come streaming in you settle in your cozy nook, ready to endure a siege or whatever- you've been through worse, after all.
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Amun Arlun

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Amun had agreed to go stay with the dirty rotten scoundrels and non-heroic bunch Ascended, and with his new fuck and card buddy J. Which was definitely not the other man’s real name, but the potter didn’t really. It was fun and casual, which was just about all he needed if he was going to be cooped up indoors for a week. That still didn’t really sit well with him, but if he slipped out he figured no one would be the wiser.

As he entered the Temple, he was glad to see Wessex there. As he approached he held up his hands in mock surrender. ”I’m unarmed, Princess, don’t shoot!” Giving her a cheeky little wink—she’d stabbed him, so he felt he had earned a bit of light-hearted teasing—he moved on to the other woman at the front. Curtseying gracefully, he grinned at Rexanna. ”Lovely Lady. Good to see you again.” The blue-eyed woman didn’t get a wink, sadly, though The Voice’s command to get cozy with his fellow Ascended echoed in his ears. Apparently, most of them were going to be staying together (since Rexanna’s handsome husband Bastien would probably be here as well, though there was no sign of the redhead or the boy the happy couple had adopted). What fun.

However, not the kind of fun he was looking for at the moment. Instead, he just gave them a wave and a grin, then moved deeper into the Temple. Although he was looking for a particular set of gangly lips and dark hair, he spotted another ex-lover first. Walking up to Oliver, Amun winked at the other man. ”Hey Blondie. Guess I’ll be seeing you around.” However, the newcomer wasn’t the potter’s current target, so he departed with another cheerful little wave.

Eventually, he spotted the thin frame he’d been looking for. Walking carefully, he crept up behind the snake as only an Ascended could. ”Hey you. Remember me?” Amun’s voice came out in a wicked little whisper, which J should be well familiar with. Hopefully the other man was ready for fun and games of all kinds. ”I’ll go find some hidden tight spot, because I know how much you like those.” With that, the potter gave J’s ass a little pat as Amun ambled off to just that.

Besides, another familiar figure had caught his eye. As he walked passed the makeshift bar, he grinned, exposing his fangs. "Maybe I can finally get that drink you promised me later, Gorgeous." With that, the potter went off, whistling cheerfully. This wouldn't be so bad after all. Hopefully Wessex wouldn't make them be all stick in the muds like her.

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Loren probably should’ve been at the Temple making last minute preparations. However, he had invited a lot of people into his home, and he wanted to make sure they all managed to make it to a safe place for LongNight, especially given how many of them were newcomers. Of course, in a sense, he was also a newcomer to this as well, since he’d never been through the horrors of the coming week either. He tried not to let that show, to project confidence as he waited for his people to gather.

There were quite a few to wait on: Beatrix, Jace, Peter, Abasi, Aonghas, Oliver and others, all supposedly were in the Manor. Some showed, some didn’t, but while the summoner did his best to wait until the last minute, he didn’t want to risk being outside when darkness fell. Still, he waited as long as he could, probably too long, before finally setting off. He had a heavy pack on his back and had a summoned horse pulling a sled; while he’d transferred pretty much everything he needed, already, there were always those last minute supplies he always remembered. Plus, he had a large stack of books for all reading levels. While he wouldn’t be doing much pleasure reading, he figured others might find them a welcome distraction.

As they pulled up to the Temple, he unloaded his supplies. However, first he needed to greet a few people. He nodded at Wessex, figuring the queen didn’t need anything more from him. Rexanna, however, needed an apology. Stepping close to the blue-eyed woman, he looked at her with haunted eyes. ”Hey. I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for how I acted and what I said.” Biting his lip, he glanced down. ”And if that friendship thing is still on the table...I might be ready to take you up on it.” Now was neither the time nor the space to have an extended conversation about that though. Instead, he made sure the last of the packs and the last of his people were situated, before helping others get themselves settled in. He didn’t bother picking a spot or anything, since he was planning to just set his bedroll wherever there was space. Besides, he figured he’d be on guard at one of the two entrances, and he didn’t mind sleeping in a chair there if he had to.

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Abasi came quietly along with Loren from the mansion, unsure of quite where it was they were going (and truthfully, why. He'd been told about Longnight, but he still struggled to visualise the horror that he had heard. Monsters, darkness? It sounded like the end of days.) but trusting enough of his host to know he would likely be safe at the temple.

As they arrived, Loren walked off to speak to someone and he stood by a corner, looking at the shrine of the Gods that had abandoned him before he'd even had a chance to speak to them. Would they mind him staying in their place of worship for a whole week?

He saw Amun, but did not recognise the man from his moments of madness. Abasi recognised very few of the people around the temple and did not make an effort to say hello, preferring to watch them go about their business.

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Bastien De Rosieres
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Bastien arrived after Rexanna, having stayed behind to make sure the Artist's Sanctuary was as protected as it could be. While he knew he could not barricade the door enough that the toughest of the monsters wouldn't be able to get in, he had taken all the supplies and pieces and hidden them upstairs, wrapped in canvas and sheets. He suspected the monsters would not be curious enough about the smell of paint to investigate.

The building...well, he hoped it would still be in decent condition, but the important thing, the soul of the place, was the art.

When he arrived, Rexanna had a gift for him. He held the dagger lightly with his fingertips, not used to handling weapons. Still, he understood the necessity of it. "Thank you, darling. I see you even create knives to my aesthetic senses." He said with a smile, though he felt an odd darkness in his heart at the sight of the blade.

With them both there and the knife hooked into his belt, he sat down and began to sketch in the book he had bought, hoping to pass the time.
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Phoebe arrived with a whole group in tow. The three little boys were bundled up against the cold, packs full of supplies and things to keep them quietly distracted during LongNight. She carried a similar pack, though larger, and even Pim had things strapped on his back between his wings. He even pulled a small sledge with the last bits of medical supplies behind him. The group paused in the main Temple, placing the sledge of supplies where they would be easily accessible - just in case - before heading off to the College.

Phoebe glanced around, seeing Loren near Rexanna - who she still hadn't made amends with. She considered approaching but saw Wessex first. Remembering Loren's warning she quickly ushered the boys off to the College, hoping the queen wouldn't notice and she could spend LongNight in peace with them.
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Beatrix came in tow with Loren of course, her pack worn on her front with Jace on her back, his own pack on his. They had spent the last LongNight at the Manor, but with Loren going to the Temple you better bet she wasn't about to stick it out there. And so she padded along behind him, whether her big brother noticed or not was not really a concern of hers.

Upon arrival, she kicked the snow off her boots and set her brother down. Jace reached up to hold Beatrix's hand, looking around wide eyed at all the people. Beatrix looked around too, spotting Loren by a tall pretty lady she vaguely recognized from around the Manor. But that had been awhile ago. The young Launceleyn went up to Loren first, tugging on his sleeve. "Your girlfriend is real pretty but where in here are we supposed to go?" she asked.
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Alright, so he’s not exactly pleased to be here. But he had made the suggest, gotten over ruled. So here he is with every intention of forgetting the week loading up on alcohol and basically waiting until it’s over. He’s brought clothes, a pack slung around his back full of things Lusea and him might need, and he steps through the entrance of the Temple.

Slate eyes scan all who are there before he leans toward Lusea, speaking in their native tongue to keep the conversation between them. “Rathskeller for drinks?” He suggests easily, shifting the pack on his shoulders.
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Being holed up like a frightened child definitely wasn’t Aonghas’ idea of a good time, nor was it an experience he was entirely comfortable with. However he would be lying if he said he wasn’t a little afraid, what with the whispers he had heard of the LongNight thus far. Gruesome and probably exaggerated tales of what had passed previously was all he had heard in the weeks leading up to tonight.

Regardless, Aonghas picked his way through the Luxere herd and the crowd who had also been heading for the safety of the Temple. Seeing the Queen standing by the entrance he nodded a cordial greeting as he headed through the large doors and into the huge space that was beginning to fill with others seeking protection within the grand walls. As a relative newcomer he didn’t recognise many faces at all - although he had spotted Loren speaking with a woman in what appeared to be (from where he was standing) a serious tone. Opting not to interrupt for the sake of standing near a person he actually knows, he instead gave an awkward wave of acknowledgement that he was pretty sure went unseen.

Not quite comfortable standing in the centre of a room on this occasion he set his grey eyes upon a nice spot over by the side of the hall and made his way over. There were people around him, he noted, that had some light weaponry with them. He cursed himself for not lifting a knife or something else sharp from the Launceleyn Manor kitchen. Gods, he would have killed for a knife right now. Just something to give him some illusion of being able to protect himself. Just in case.

Aonghas leaned against the wall and fumbled with the fastenings of his cloak, feeling entirely out of place here. He had no idea what to expect really, apart from the emphatic stories he had been told by locals. Before, he had never been afraid of the dark nor the beasties who would dwell within it. But this was his first LongNight so that stance could very well be subject to change.

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