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They come as they did last year, and how they remember. They remember the death and sorrow, the bleakness and blackness and they want to flee from it. But the hearts of those within call out to them; Amalia and Melita who have sang so brilliantly, Lily with her music box that reverently sings...they will brave the darkness for this. For love and light and joy and beauty; for the optimism of those within, they come.

They stand.

White fuzz against the ornate Gothic columns the herd meld against each other like summer cotton. They croon to one another, nuzzling against their kin and kindred spirits. A wall of light to banish the darkness.

A LARGE Luxere herd gathers outside the Monster Hunter's Guild.

If you are going to be inside the MHG for LongNight, this needs to be your first post. Nothing specific, just that you're here, somewhere in the guild.

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Oh? What's this? A trio of dreamfish arrive outside. They hover in their starry brilliance, emitting a light that speaks of the darkest corners of the universe, a light pulled from centuries and centuries past.

A gift from Safrin herself. But who are they for?
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He had learned his lesson last year. This year there was no last-minute hunting, no desperate dashes for safety as the sun sank below the horizon. Jigano arrived with plenty of light left in the sky, bringing the dried and smoked venison, flavorful but bloodless, and an extra bag of books plucked from the Atheneum's shelves before he had locked the Loreseeker Guild Hall door and resumed his journey to the other Guild he had been visiting more often of late.

He came without fanfare, a luxere-antlered staff in hand to return to Amalia, a haughty unicorn in tow to reunite with Deimos, greeting friends and family and those he would be sharing the space with for the coming week, and he found an out of the way corner to settle himself in until Remi or Ronin could direct him to a room or space to call his own for that time to come. Isuma made her way into the rafters to greet Sugar and the other companions as they trickled in, a little snowy puff of sunshine in an otherwise darkening night.
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all the things we said when we were younger
The door was open, as it would be, to welcome them all.

Remi was inside, though for how long? It was anyone's guess really. Still, there was a roaring fire in the great hearth with plenty of wood stacked within, snow moss lining every nook and cranny, and a pantry stocked full of food. And of course, so, so very much alcohol.

Nodding with a tense warmth to all who entered, the alchemist took a deep breath clutching Ronin 's hand in his, silently praying this week would not be his last.

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Last year had been steeped in ignorance, the unknown a bestial manifest of ineptitude and ineffectual traces – placing belief in their steadfast, stalwart enterprises that it wouldn’t last for this one’s (except – they would be leaving warnings behind; fire for fire and life for life). With the last of his and Amalia’s supplies packed in his bag of holding, Zuriel (irritated) returned to him via Jigano and his incidental trip to the Mathair, proceeding, joining the legions of the Monster Hunter’s Guild alongside the Shield and the Harpy. His weapons were stocked, either on his belt or along the satchel, armor placed within the thresholds of the guild for anyone’s use.

Would it be enough?

Would it ever be enough?

They’d stand their ground and they’d usher in the void. Then, they’d soon find out.
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to be made of sunshine is beautiful
to be the light and the warmth and to be loved
Armed to the tooth with her munitions, the fire arrows alight upon her quiver, staff in her arms, Fangorn at her side, the lithe honeybee child, cured of her blighted, mercurial stances, was only braced for the LongNight’s ominous turn. The seasons before had cycled in such rapid form, one after another after another, no end in sight, until finally they scourged right back upon the twist and turns of winter’s abyss. She swallowed down any remnants of apprehension; now wasn’t the time. She was ready. She was bold. She’d done her promised part, the crowd of luxere gathered outside the doors, beautiful and glowing, striving to ward off the pestilence of demons. She’d strive to do more now, now, now, upon whatever means necessary, gliding into the familiar lair of the Monster Hunter’s Guild, a home away from home, even now.
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i wanted to be ruined —
a little more than i wanted
— to be loved
She arrives with her family, Auni in tow. Armed and prepared as much as she thinks she can get for what this week entails. She has survived it before, it’s her one year anniversary of receiving Auni, after all.

It’s also the one year anniversary from when Isla died and became a unicorn, so there’s that.

Regardless, she wears her armor as she follows Deimos in, pausing just enough for Auni to greet the Luxere that have congregated around the Guild, situating the bag on her shoulder that carries the weapons Deimos has made her. She looks every bit like someone that’s prepared to leave during Longnight. But she’ll be damned if anyone stops her from it. There’s a light edge of tension to her jaw when she steps in, but she settles beside the calming presence of Amalia and Deimos, until she spots Jigano off in the corner and slips away to greet him.
Kiada has a large X scar on the right side of her neck.
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A deeper conversation is all I want from you-
She comes along with Sword and Harpy and starwhale, prepared for the longest night. They have called a great number of luxere this year; Amalia feels a weight fall off her at the sight of them milling around. There are dream fish, too, though they seem not to have chosen their company. Perhaps they are waiting for the foolish few who intend to venture outside.

The last of the breads and pastries are in her arms, her bounty from weeks of baking and work; her clothes, her necklace, her gauntlet, her prayers, she also carries along. The rest of her supplies are already here, the shield reclaimed from Ronin's possession, the staff safe in Jigano's care.

As Kiada slips away Amalia follows, eager to retrieve her staff. Retrieve, and pass on: as it returns to her fingers she touches the Harpy's shoulder, bringing the girl to face her, a serious expression in her eyes. "Promise me you'll take this with you when you go out, Kiada." Her tone bears no room for argument or discussion. If the Harpy must go into the night, the the Shield will not allow her to do it without being thoroughly prepared.
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Sam sat with his knees pulled up to his chest, staring at the door. While he knew it was safe for a time, it was hard not to feel anxious. Especially as he knew he'd have to go out there during the Longnight - for his own purposes, and to help Wessex in her plans.

Remi and Ronin were there, which made him feel better, as well as of course Nate's presence; the arrivals of Amalia and Jigano made him nervous though and he cuddled his knees closer, hoping they would not attempt to argue with him about The Voice again, not when he was so trapped.

With a sigh he tried to recapture the calm The Voice had placed in his mind; he was sure it was the only thing that would get him through the week.
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Adam Pikely

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Adam really didn't know which of the places to stay was the superior one, but he knew Remi was the guy who made the booze - he'd never met him, but he'd been told as much at the bar. With that being the case, he wanted to be where that guy was.

Wherever he was going to be, his presence was going to be a gift to the bored and scared people, he was sure. Casually he walked up to Amalia, immediately noticing his friend coming back from speaking to Kiada. "Hey. I've got plenty of supplies if you've gotta chill out during all this." He teased and stuck his tongue out, but it wasn't really a joke.

He was certainly going to be relying on the drugs in his bag himself during the week, especially if it was really as bad as people said it was. Last time he had arrived just on the last day, when the Sparkbird had already saved the day (night?).
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It hadn't been the most pleasant experience - channeling trickster gods that nipped and pinched and poked her. For a time the world had been naught but utter darkness, spinning around her. Was this death? Had her attempt to escape led to her demise? But slowly the shadows in front of her eyes receded, and the store room she was in became clear to her. Blue eyes scanned the familiar place, the Guildhall weaponry. "Thank you." she whispered to whatever entity had brought her here. They couldn't have picked a better spot. Quickly she armed herself with a claymore, tying it to her hip. Using the strength in her legs she jumped up, catching hold of a support beam. Carefully she pulled herself up and laid against it, waiting for now.
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One of the few non-warriors here, it seems, Lily hauls a couple of things along with her to the Guildhall. She’s also heavily wrapped up in multiple layers - just in case something comes up like last year and she need to go outside. Though if she’s honest, she just wants a nice long week of being inside, drinking tea, sleeping, and quietly playing with the music maker Bastien gave her. She has her hand harp with her, too, so there will be lullabies aplenty for everyone if they want it.

Laden with her things, her eyes widen when she sees the large herd of luxere outside the Guildhall door. Yes! They did it! Buoyed by something resembling a mental pat on the back, the entertainer doesn’t stop to say much to anyone other than flashing Amalia and Deimos a big smile and then a louder “Melita!” to her fellow redhead. She has no weapons with her, no looks of resignation and fierceness that the others bring with them, wearing their half-veiled intentions in whispers and hooded looks. She knows nothing, but there is definitely something going on.

And Lily wants nothing to do with it. There's been too much death and upheaval lately.
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Ronin wanted little to nothing to do with whatever shenanigans might happen at LongNight either. And his reasoning for that, he hoped, was obvious - the last time the sun had set and refused to rise for a week, he’d welcomed a daughter and said goodbye to a lover. In this very hall, in fact. His hand was firmly in Remi’s as they welcomed familiar faces to the guild; the ex-captain held his daughter in his free arm, pressing a gentle kiss to her dark curls.

He was solemn, on edge, and very much not himself. The sooner the week was over the better in his opinion, and he barely managed to conjure a smile for those he considered friends. Hopefully they would understand.
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There is no question as to where Hotaru will end up during LongNight. Where her family goes, she will always follow. Rexanna is safe with her people, her husband, and the powers of her race comfort Hotaru from afar. So she follows Kiada and Deimos into the Guild's warm Chambers, head high and eyes sharp. This is her first time, but she is not one to be caught unawares. If there is a threat that her family has determined, she shall arm herself against it as sufficiently as she is able.

Hotaru adjusts her small bag, filled with weapons Deimos had offered, warm clothes from Rexanna, and she steps through the doors as she might have once stepped into the battlefield when the crown still lay heavy on her brow. She would never wish to be anywhere else.
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