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together, as one.
In a timeless place uncluttered by the furniture of the universe and the fleeting drumbeat of mortals, the three meet. It is not often that they come together like this, given the differences in their tasks and agendas. But this concerns each and every one of them, much as they might not like to believe it (here’s looking at you, Rae).

The Rae siblings sit together, absent but identical expressions on their faces. “We have sent out two of our offspring into the Hollowed Grounds to study and report back their findings.” they said in unison, in a dry and clinical tone. Meanwhile, the god of death sat crossed legged, a flower in his hand, the stem of which he rolled back and forth between his fingertips. The scent bloomed into the air, far more potent than it had any right to be. He nodded. His expression was beatific and gentle, but the gravity of this situation was not lost upon him, much as he delighted in being surrounded by his celestial family.

“A wonderful idea Rae. It will be helpful to have their opinions on the matter.” He agreed. “One of my children resides in the Greatwood as well…” He noted, though Rae likely knew this already.

”We have seen how these portals work...what happened last time.” Mort continued. ” Much as I would like to think that arriving in Halo of all places might deter further exploration, I think we all know that it won’t be the case. The Voice has been clever in those she has brought down to her. They are inquisitive and stubborn. They will find themselves in Torchline soon enough.”

Vi stood, mercurial and unflinching, a shoulder leaning against a pillar of dazzling creation that both was and was not, all at once. “The last time Caido was in such chaos, we implemented guardians to be our eyes when even our heralds could not track the movements of the Ascended. Perhaps it is time to revisit old tactics.”

To this, Rae raised their eyes without expression. ”Last time, that resulted in their deaths.” They pointed out casually.

“And this time we have history to guide us.” Vi replied with a scowl.

“Safrin has her Fallen Star, but there have been others who were diligent in understanding and curing the blight. The heralds have mentioned their names many times. They may be worth considering.” Mort mused, his tone adoring and gentle amidst the storm brewing between Rae and Vi. “Jigano Silversmith has been diligent in helping Ludo collect wayward souls during LongNight.” He said thoughtfully.

”And Amalia Chandrakant continues to serve well as Safrin’s Shield.” Vi added with a nod.

“Phoebe Steadman and Remi Taliesin both made concerted efforts to study the blight.” Rae replied with a disinterested shrug.

”Then we are decided, I trust?” Vi asked, his expression like a black and starless night.

And so it was that the other gods gave their agreement, some more grudging than others, and a new stitch was added to the fabric of Caido’s history. Guardians. Would the responsibility be their salvation? Or their doom?

Below in the mortal realm, Amalia, Jigano, Phoebe, and Remi are pulled from their dreams into a moment of wakefulness utterly divorced from reality. Therein their task is explained: be wary of the Ascended's reach into Caido. Ensure the portals are not used for ill. Work together.

In turn each would awake with a sense of purpose, and what would look to you and I like a large marble beside them. Therein infinities seemed to dance and pulse softly. When held, the guardians would be able to sense where their counterparts are. The spheres will also darken the closer the ascended are to activating a new portal.

Because of their efforts during the blight plot, Amalia, Jigano, Phoebe, and Remi have been made PORTAL GUARDIANS.

Guardian Sphere | A small glass-like sphere (roughly 2" in diameter) that allows a portal guardian to innately sense where their counterparts are. The light within darkens the closer the ascended are to activating a new portal. When held by anyone else, the light dims and nothing happens.

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