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Grace is just weakness

Abasi was not confident as he headed to the Shrine after the last time when he had been ignored, but Phoebe had told him to keep trying. As much as it stung his pride to be rejected over and over again, there was still a desperation in him that clung to the idea of the divine. Besides, with actual see-able death Gods in this land, it felt pertinent to try and speak to them as he started his mortuary.

The Glade felt like a holy place, somehow more of a pilgrimage than the temple, so he had come in the early morning with another offering, this time a toy, which he had been told Ludo might like. It was simple, similar to things he had seen back in Egypt. A doll which could be flipped over to change her dress, the cloth of the skirt hiding her alternate face. It felt strange to take this to a shrine and not an animal for the slaughter, but he supposed at least this was less mess.

Loren had offered to come with him when he prayed, but he had felt for some reason he couldn't quite pin down that this was something he had to try and do for himself. Kneeling at the centre of the Glades shrine, he placed the doll down and dipped his head, speaking clearly out into the air: "Great Mort, Honourable Ludo, I bring this offering and request to speak to you. I know I am Abandoned, but I am willing to prove my loyalty to the Gods of this land if given the chance."

Or so I've been told

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A chance? Oh no sweetling. You'll not get that. Not today anyways.

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