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Bastien leaned back, surprised, as he heard that Jigano had tried to kill Wessex - not a rift he knew about, particularly, but did not question it in the moment. She was a busy woman and he was sure Rexanna probably knew something.

"Well, if that fight does come, I trust you to effectively lead us to a better tomorrow." He smiled, genuinely meaning it. They were all important in their Ascended family, but Wessex was clearly the most forthright of them and he trusted her there very much.

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Of course!” Rexanna says again, a bright smile crossing her face as she tries to focus in Wessex’s general direction, a light hum of amusement leaving her at the mention of practice – something she should start back up again once she can see again. But she grows silent as Wessex continues on, nodding along with her, agreeing about the fight – not finding it too surprising that Jigano had attempted such a thing.

But Wessex was still standing, and Jigano was still out in the world, and so with it the fight continues, she supposes. And she leans into Bastien gently as he gives his trust to Wessex, another smile alighting Rexanna’s face at the mention of it. “I agree. We trust you Wessex. And if you need anything, let us know.” She offers, smile crossing her face as she nods her head in her own sort of agreement.

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