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Wessex Theskyra
the Wraith

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It's Lord of the Flies in my mind tonight
It’s time.

Theskyra House The Town Hall is clean. Daphne has been put on notice. Her scant belongings are neatly put together in a corner by the door; she’ll have no problem either picking them up on the way out or putting them back into her blacked-out basement room. The announcement has gone out, people going door to door to inform Naturals and Outlanders alike about an assembly.

It’s an annoyingly nice (aleit a tad chilly) Flowerbirth evening, matching her surprisingly light heart (which has been sustainably buoyant ever since her second Ascension). Wessex figures that either way, she wins, because in the first place she rarely puts herself in positions where she doesn't think she can win. But tonight isn't about keeping a crown, and that's where they'll all trip. Remain Queen and she can continue to guarantee safety with her power. Get herself ousted and she all of a sudden has a lot more free time to do the work. That might even be the better option if she’s being brutally honest with herself (untouchable, uncatchable, look upon the Wraith and then OOPS she isn’t there)

The Temple is set up for a meeting - not in the same way that Zariah’s was, but in a similar fashion because the building itself was made for such things.

It’s time.

There is nothing more for her than a simple wooden chair upon the dais. A table with a couple of boxes in it, their contents hidden, is to her right. Her clothes are a bit more formal than her favorite leather get-up (she still dons arm guards and knee-high boots, still wears a knife sheath at her hip) but are nonetheless simple and stark, portraying the humble beginning she came from and a rejection of the finery and pomp and circumstance that Zariah insisted on. She is simultaneously nothing more than she has ever pretended to be and much, much more than she ever hoped for.


Waiting for the people to fill the room, Wessex reclines slightly in her seat, projecting a sense of calm and ease and patience. The Wraith imbues herself with life, erasing the things that make her preternaturally still - putting the breath back in, the little twitches, the things that make humans human. Oh, the people need not hurry. She’ll wait for them to get comfortable. And if any might choose to greet her, to wave or try and catch her eye, she will respond with a smile and nod of her head. If not, it’s no matter. She has more than enough going on in her head to fill the time.  


Hello! This an ME for any and all Grounders. For timeline purposes, this takes place 4 days after returning from Halo and about a week after the portal has opened. Thanks for your patience on the portal stuff, it's been much appreciated.  

You have 72 hours to respond to this ME. You must respond - I don't care how long the post is - to be eligible to participate in what comes next.

If you have any questions, please shoot Astor a DM.

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Oliver had hardly even been here for all that long, not nearly long enough to understand everything that happened. He hadn't really experienced any of the prior rulers, so he had nothing to really compare Wessex to. However, he still felt as though he should attend the meeting. He did live here so shouldn't he at least have a small say in what happened? Or at least know about the changes going on?

It's what led him to come to the Temple. Unfortunately, he hadn't bothered to ask anyone else if they were going, so he traveled alone. Eventually, he'd arrive at the building. Once inside, he'd take a seat off to the side, only briefly looking over at his queen. Hopefully soon, someone could join him and he'd no longer be sitting alone. For now, though, he remained quiet and expressionless, lost in his own thoughts.
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Clemente Belcourt

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Where Wessex goes, Clemente follows.

Kinda like a weird, potentially rabid guard dog. There's probably some references to puppy love people could draw, but Clem is also very good at selective hearing. So when news about the forum, gathering, whatever they call it hits the Notice Board and Bastien reads it out to them (because Rexanna is blind still, and Clem's lessons with Amun are slow going), Clemente makes sure to memorize the time and date. He's not up to date on everything, though he'd heard Wessex's voice clear as day when she'd made it to Halo, but something in his gut - that same feeling that has always kept him alive on the streets - tells him danger is coming.

He holds Rexanna's hand, squeezing intermittently - more for himself than her since neither can feel it well - and guides her towards the forum as she had asked. He positions them as close to Wessex as he can manage. Rexanna will need to be closer to hear the clearer voice, and Clemente wants to show his support with their proximity. Ascended stay together. He thinks it towards Wessex as she had taught him during LongNight, bright flaxen eyes focusing on her with a serious draw to his face. "We're here, Rex." It's said quietly, just enough to let her know that it's time to settle in and wait.

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Sunjata Senzaok

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So there’s a meeting today that involves the Hollowed Grounds. He’s almost forgotten it, until Hotaru came to the guild, dragging him out and ensuring that he makes himself mostly presentable. But gods is he still hungover, an almost permanent state as of late, following her closely with his arm loosely around her shoulders as an anchor to keep him moving. And finally, eventually, they reach the doors to the meeting.

And surprisingly diligently, he manages to follow her in, to wherever she deigns to stop — likely wherever Deimos is, if he had to guess. But he’s not entirely feeling like guessing, nor is he feeling like focusing too much at what’s happening, except he knows he has to. The conversation with Hotaru when she joined the Advocates required it of him. And as far as he’s concerned? She’s basically his second in command, plans and tasks in place from the start.

He sees Oliver, giving the man a nod but not much else, too exhausted, too tired to do anything else other than let Hotaru guide him until they come to a stop. Eyes raise to the platform, to the queen, arm still around Hotaru’s shoulders, pulling her in somewhat close so he doesn’t sway on his feet.
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Hotaru Kaito
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Sunjata is hungover, joy of joys. It had done next to nothing by way of stopping her, though it had certainly made her all the firmer in her ushering him out the door. If that entails wiping him down with a wet rag, throwing clothes at him, and dragging him all the way to the Temple. His emotional agony is concerning, but in the face of her efforts and planning, inconsequential. So she tows him along like a listless sailboat, and though their height difference is laughable she strides along like a woman on a mission, one hand on his wrist around her shoulders to keep him anchored to her. Lest he falls over in a stupor in the street and embarrasses them all.

He's correct that she immediately positions them near family, but Deimos has not yet arrived. But where she or Rexanna will be, he is sure to follow, and she shuffles them over towards Rexanna and the young boy that accompanies her. "Hello dearest," she says softly, enough to announce her presence to her sister, heart aching anew at the sight of her covered eyes. And then she simply stands and waits, accommodating Sunjata's weight as he leans into her, wrapping an arm around his waist. She'll have to be sharp for the both of them, but at least he's here.
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Samuel Wordsworth
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Sam was still anxious to be heading about the Hollowed Grounds after he had been thrust head-first into this portal fight, but he found he could not stay out of whatever this was. As much as they found it hard to get along, Wessex was an Ascended like himself and he respected her. Had to, really, since their numbers were so limited.

Nate had come with him so he was not invisible, but he still felt tense, his fingers tight on the other man's hand. He was ready to run in an instant, activate his barrier and disappear. Were the enemies he was imagining real? It was unclear, but they were real enough in his mind he was anxious enough to walk almost behind Nate as they entered the hall.
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Amun Arlun

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Amun walked into the Temple, whistling cheerfully, hands in his pockets, a wicked grin on his lips. Looking like the very picture of carefree and relaxed, he strolled past Oliver, casting a glance at the younger man. ”Good to see you Blondie.” The potter kept moving, though, winking at Wessex up on her throne. That’s a good look for you, Princess. Still moving, Amun took up a position next to Clem.

The potter lowered his voice to the barest of whispers and his lips barely moved. "Ease up, swift. The more relaxed you are, the more in control you look, and the more likely you are to get your way." Then Amun raised his voice, calling out cheerfully to Rexanna. "How's it going, tough girl?"

Glancing at the other members of the small crowd, a small woman and a very tall man, the potter grinned. "I don't think we've had the pleasure of being introduced. Amun Arlun, at your service." He swept into an easy bow, before going to lean against the nearby wall, languidly, lazily, and lasciviously.

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Deimos Ignatius
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The inevitable swing of politics, diplomacy, open forums, and anything else spread along the ilk, the deluge, of their life in Caido struck again. There was a certain amount of dread laced along his blood; too many memories of too many meetings in too many other worlds slinking and grinding their way through his skull (the hollowed, infuriating rage spun from mouths, incapable of agreeing one way or the other, the frustration, the ire, the clambering of power and prestige – wishing it on no one). He maneuvered within the Temple with impassive, nonchalant features imprinted on his face, steady for the cascade of tempestuous, mercurial lines, information forthright and distinct coiling along the annals of his mind: the flurry of motions and maneuvers behind the scenes (Fae murders, disastrous Greatwood calamities, opened portals for a price, Zariah’s influence spiraling within winter regions).

The General bestowed a nod towards those he knew – a slight arch of his brow at Hotaru and Sunjata (because now he had actual dirt on them, and if anything amusing came out of this gathering and assembly, then at least he’d snagged ammunition), placing himself nearby and allowing room for Amalia and Kiada. Bracing for the impact, ready for the storm.
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Adam Pikely

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Adam was not really one for government or monarchy, was usually content to let the hoighty toighty assholes do whatever they wanted...but here in the Hollowed Grounds, it actually felt like decisions the town made mattered. Wessex, as much as he thought she was kind of a hardass, was respectable enough; he found that he wanted to come and see what it was she was getting them all together for.

He walked in with all the confidence in the world and smiled at everyone already seated, winking at Deimos before sitting down, casually sticking his feet out and laying back.

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The Queen had requested their presence, so of course Abasi would come. It was natural in him. The ruler asked for something, it was done. No questions asked, almost. At least for something as simple as showing up to an event, he could easily obey without another thought.

Entering the hall, he approached Wessex and bowed his head, wanting it to be noted he had attended. With this formality over, he went to stand by the wall, holding his arms and looking over the people who had gathered. As far as he could tell, he only recognised one of them, the white-haired young man he had met at Longnight, who had seemed a little clueless. Still, the fact he had come when summoned by the Queen was a point in his favour.

Looking to Wessex, he waited for the meeting to begin.
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Loren Launceleyn
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Loren walked into the Temple alone, an unreadable expression on his features and a troubled look in his eyes. On one hip, he bore a sword, on the other a dagger, and on his belt he had a pouch. There were two more daggers tucked into his boots, an amulet rested on his chest under his shirt, and he had his spectacles in his pocket.

His clothes were simple and unadorned, black, nothing special, and his boots were worn and comfortable. Not bothering to move far into the room, he stood by the doorway, hands clasped behind his back. A quiet confidence radiated out of him despite (or maybe because of) the severe expression he bore. Nodding at Deimos and giving a genuinely fond smile to Abasi, the Launceleyn turned to regard the Queen. Patiently, he waited, eyes boring into Wessex on her dais.
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Melita Najya

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The honeybee girl had been out of the loop since the blight, the pestilence overriding anything but the blistering, scorching need for menace. Thereafter, she hadn’t been entirely involved either, struggling to recover, striving to do better, but uncertain where to go after the guild burned, after LongNight’s end. She’d picked up bits and pieces of information from others along the way, mostly about portals, but couldn’t fathom why the Greatwood had been closed. Or what was out there. So she maneuvered her way into the Temple, recalling the last forum with Zariah and repressing a slight shudder, making her way over to Sunjata, her eyes flipping towards Hotaru with a casual, inquiring look, half-tempted to tell the large man that he looked awful. But she withheld, uncertain about anything and everything hovering in the void.
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Rexanna De Rosieres
the Penumbra
Queen of the Hollowed Grounds

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She’s thankful, first of all, for all the people in her life willing to help her while she works to get her eyesight back. That being said, at least her ears work, and there’s absolutely no way she’s missing this meeting where she can give her support to Wessex, their small Ascended family, in the event of how this meeting may go. This time it’s different, the previous one had her standing along the platform, looking back at all the scornful faces, catching Deimos’ inquiring look to the churn of her gut.

This time, Clemente guides her by the hand to bring her inside, as close to Wessex as he can. And she appreciates it, giving the boy a gentle squeeze on his hand as he announces the fact they’ve arrived, but she can’t focus on where exactly Wessex is until she starts to speak. Instead, an arm rests gently on Clemente’s arm, keeping him within sight, before more people arrive. She doesn’t see Hotaru arrive, doesn’t see Sunjata clinging to her like she’s some sort of anchor, though if she had she would have given her sister a conspirator’s look.

Instead, her head tilts toward Hotaru with a bright smile. “Ru, my dear!” She replies easily in her own greeting, her own acknowledgement, giving her a bright smile, completely at odds for the battered eyeless exterior. Amun arrives next, and she gives him a slight smirk with a tilt of her head. “Could absolutely be worse, lover boy.” She snorts, before she turns her focus to the event, hoping things go well, and yet still somehow preparing for the worst.
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Kiada Njovu-Reyes
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The last time there was a meeting, things had not gone well. And if she’s being honest with herself? She doesn’t think this one will end up well either. If it weren’t for her own mother being Ascended, Kiada may hold enough frustration and anger in her heart to hate them all. But she doesn’t, all she can do is sit there and stew in her quiet frustrations, post blight, post living through the horrible things she’s done because of the sickness that had taken over her body and her mind.

Upon entering, she spots Deimos and makes her way to his side, featherlight fingers touching his arm in silent greeting while her anxieties reveal themselves in quiet puffs of feathers that appear around her neck, barely hidden by the collar of the sweater and jacket she wears. Eyes spot Hotaru with a ridiculously tall man and it manages to spark a slight smile of amusement along her face, before it’s gone in an instant to give the Valkyrie a smile of greeting. No hard feelings over LongNight, if the woman thought there was.

She spots her mother with a bandana wrapped around her face, covering eyes she had heard were missing, and the smile for Hotaru fades as she sees it. Then, she focuses on the platform that Wessex stands upon, waiting for the inevitable.
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