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Eventually there were no more discussions to have or things to prepare, and it was time to go to Halo. Ideally, Sam had wanted to have his hand restored before they took the journey, but that alone was not enough to postpone it for. Besides, he could always go back to get it done again, or channel the Voice if he absolutely had to (he still had Nate's Accepted blood in him, drunk before the Ascension).

He had heard it was good to arrive with a gift, so he had packed in his satchel the most valuable thing he had. A gold-tipped tome of history of the Hollowed Grounds, beautifully inscribed with swooping inked letters and illustrations. It had once been a great source of inspiration for him, though now he had not opened it in years. If it would be of use here, it was better being used than getting dusty in his home. Besides, the history was less than accurate. Not that he'd tell the person waiting in Halo that.

Holding Nate's hand in the basement of the Spire he closed his eyes and said a small prayer, hoped he would one day return (he had not said goodbyes to friends, though they did know he was going - he was hoping he would not be very long) and then stepped through the portal, ready to see the world beyond.
(Whoever is waiting at the other side of the portal, please wait for Nate to post before responding to their arrival!)
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It felt to Nate like things happened very quickly after his ascension, though that was nowhere near true. If anything, things happened slowly, the preparations, the wrapping up of loose ends, the promises that he’d be back to teach and work more in the college, that was the reality of their task. Though reality didn’t stop it being a shock when they finally left, standing before the glowing portal in the spires basement, a place he barely knew the history of, wearing a pale coat and feeling like he was taking the first steps into a terrible horror movie.

Choosing a tithe is easy, given what he has access to. A sturdy metal box, packed full with ointments and creams and all manner of other things, made from the garden of the medical college. Nate has a hunch that plants are rare in a tundra, and despite the medicine the residents may already have access to, more is always more helpful than less. Though, he is worried it might seem too utilitarian, compared to what Sam is bringing. After all, the other man had far more experience in this world than he did.

The portal was strange, but even more strange was the icy cave they stepped out into, wind howling from the entrance, but the cold not touching him, them, not really. Squeezing Sams hand, Nate stepped further into the icy world, looking around in quiet amazement. Though the feeling of being in a horror movie only heightened.
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