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Sunjata Senzaok

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the flood
He’d become the leader of the Guild briefly, for a moment before he’d lost the one that would’ve proudly stood beside him, helped to calculate and call the shots. But he has to do it alone now, alone aside from the misfits that still held a helping hand in the way the Hollowed Grounds were. And with the help of Hotaru? Of forming a plan despite his near permanent drunken state, the results of the meeting that had occurred, the question that Loren has offered them a job? Well, it calls for a meeting.

The first meeting, with him at the helm. And so he sends his whispers out, a mention of finding him here to go over things. Nothing in detail of course, but enough to get the word out. And he waits, sitting in the chair behind the main desk, the book he’d so diligently worked on settled in front of him, looking every inch like hell but if you look close enough you can tell an attempt was made.

Hotaru Peter Adam
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Peter Launceleyn
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Unlike the last meeting in the Advocates hideaway, Peter was not there from the beginning. He was however, the first to saunter in, a fact that seemed to surprise him, judging by the way he paused at the threshold of the room, eyes darting around like he suspected an ambush. When nothing revealed itself, he let out a breath he had barely realized he was holding, and turned his eyes to the new guild leader.

For all the talking Peter didn’t do, he did hear things. Something about the way he faded into the background, it made people more willing to just talk in front of him. And he kept a special ear to the ground when it came to names he knew, which is how he knew Sunjata would not be okay.

It was harder for him to be supportive in a human skin, but he did his best, moving to sit on the edge of the desk, one leg tucked under him, and reached out to rest a hand on the other mans shoulder, his eyes focused on anything but the guild leaders face.
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Peter is very heavily scarred, most noticeably on his hands


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