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Why did Ianto disappear, and take the Wishing Wagon along with him? Why did he decide to return now? Who cares - the foxy merchant and his brightly lit wagon of wonders has rumbled into the Fields, and he is ready to hear your trades and pitches for his wares!

It is twilight on a cool Flowerbirth evening, the grasses illuminated by fireflies and lanterns which swing merrily from the wagon’s awning. It is open for business, and its owner leans casually across the countertop. Coppery hair ruffled messily, as if from sleep, and rich blue eyes smiling almost as much as his lips, Ianto waits expectantly, knowing they will come.

They always do.

Welcome to the Wishing Wagon random event! The items currently available for sale are as follows:

A sword that sheds dim light and is warm to the touch
A square of silk
A jar of twinkling material
Oversized green gauntlets
2 pieces of parchment
Lucky Rabbit’s Foot

If your character is interested in any of the items, please make Ianto an offer of something in exchange. ;D It does not necessarily have to be an item or coin, etc. (though you can use those if you like). Ianto may consider anything - a song, a story, a promise, a secret, a lock of hair, a love letter... anything you can think of that he may find useful or interesting.

You may make an offer on only ONE item.

If multiple people bid on the same item, Ianto will definitely succumb to bribes and/or favouritism.

If Ianto isn't interested, you may not haggle. However, that isn't to say he won't try to haggle with you...

Enjoy! You have 72 hours to make your offers.

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We’ll skip over the improbable bits of narrative that bring Remi precisely into the fields at the precise moment that the merchant shows himself. No use making it out to be more than it is, and of course, it isn’t the interesting bit anyhow.

Nor is how he arrives, what he wears, or near anything else save for the wide joyful smile that deepens Remi’s dimples and makes his eyes shine with eager and unfettered happiness to see the fox again. “You—” He says scoldingly, projecting a mental care-bear like beam of boyish mischief towards his follow shape changer, knowing that there is little time for small talk before the hoards arrive.

“—are a welcome sight.” The alchemist adds, his eager delight making his voice more buoyant than normal. With a glance at the fox’s wares accompanied by a raised and skeptical eyebrow, Remi merely leans against the wagon. He doesn’t ask where the fox has been or how long he’ll be staying; there isn’t time, nor do the answers matter in any important way just now. Instead he simply basks in his friend’s easy presence, before glancing towards the carpet. Perhaps he could make it raise before Ronin and tell his husband he’d found them a flying carpet rather than a magical wagon. Though knowing Ianto, the carpet would likely just always keep itself rolled up or some such nonsense.

“I happen to be building my own wagon, which you’d know, had you deigned to answer my many, many calls. I happen to think that carpet would look rather good inside. And it would make a good apology for having been away for so long, and a condolence for my house having burned down.”

Remi doesn’t offer Ianto anything for the carpet, but instead thinks Ianto owes it to him as an apology Big Grin
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Magical Items for sale in the wagon: Drinkable Sea-Cup | A cup that transmutes saltwater from the ocean into drinking water. Works one-cup at a time. Full-Smokes | A packet of cigarettes, where each cigarette when smoked counts as a full meal. Clawed-Ring | A ring that when used created claws on the wearer's hand.
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Striding home from the Settlement, from the Atheneum, from a day of festival preparation and and joyful productivity, Jigano paused at the flicker of lanterns in the distance. Curious as ten cats as always, he called Isuma to follow and headed for the sight. He'd missed the Wishing Wagon the last time it had come 'round to the Hollowed Grounds, but his eyes lit up to see his fellow foxy friend there, and a cheerful Remi besides.

"Hello, gentlemen!" he called, waving to the alchemist and the shopkeep with a grin. "And yes, I can confirm that the Guild burned down. During LongNight, no less! Remi definitely deserves a lucky break," he added, blue eyes twinkling above his teasingly solemn expression.

He looked over the list of wares on display, perhaps just a little greed in his eyes at the mysteries they represented. Oh, he wanted to know what they did! But he would likely only learn the secrets of one of them, and only then if he was lucky. The glasses tempted him, especially since his own pair of spectacles were broken on one side, but perhaps Jiao or Lily could make something for him from the silk for him to carry them in and keep them from getting scratched further.

"For the square of silk would you accept a chicken pot pie and a bottle of cider?" He asked hopefully, thinking of the meal waiting for him at the farm. He would trade that to satisfy his curiosity, even if Rory would tease him mercilessly and not make him a second supper after giving away the first.
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so listen up world, listen up world
We’ll skip over the improbable bits of narrative that bring Ronin precisely into the fields at the precise moment that the merchant shows himself. No no, we will just assume he came along with Remi (whether the alchemist was aware of it or not), and leave it at that. One would think that seeing his husband with the fox who held a torch for him would be jarring, but not so for Ronin.

The world had taught him that there was simply not enough time to worry about worrying. So the Fallen Star stood in the swaying grasses before the Wishing Wagon, arms folded across his chest, blue eyes bright as he listened to Remi’s haggling.

“If you do take up his offer, merchant, I’d like to trade the carpet for some jerky if that’s alright.”

Ronin tries to haggle the carpet that Remi might win for some jerky. No one should be surprised.
Wessex Theskyra
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Quietly amused by the back and forth between the three men, Wessex has been scanning Ianto’s wares with a semi-critical eye. Remembering the last time they traded she harkens back to the aftereffects of the map, Arduinna’s death, and her roundabout way of ensuring that the Wildwood would never see an Ascended again.

She did fulfill the fae’s wish to keep all signs of Ascended from the Greatwood by provoking Delah. Technically speaking. Unsure of how Ianto will feel about the turn of events, whether he’ll want to trade again, Wessex nevertheless feels that she must try. Her eyes are on the sword and the gauntlets, weighing what each might be and their potential usefulness. On one hand, she can find any number of swords to use. On the other hand, a gauntlet would keep her from using her talons… oh, decisions, decisions.

In the end she flips a coin. Tails. Gauntlets it is. From the back of the small crowd, she pipes up. “For the gauntlets, I’ll guide you to Halo’s Citadel and protect you for your first two trade excursions.” If the fox should want to traverse the frozen land, her sword is his.
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Lily Balfour

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Word can travel like lightning through the Grounds, and no sooner did Lily hear that the Wishing Wagon was back than she was racing through the field, a wide smile on her face. She arrives to a small crowd, all of whom seem eager to see the redhead and his wares. Taking her time to pour over the selection, Lily finds herself entranced by two items - but as Jigano has once again beaten her to one of them, she decides to offer for the other. Following Remi’s jests about the fox’s absence, Lily turns her long-lashed eyes and winning smile to the trader, batting them as much as necessary to curry his favor again.

“You missed my Ode to Arduinna, so I’ll offer a private performance of the very moving song for that jar of twinkling stuff.”
Loren Launceleyn
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News of the traveling merchant spread through the Hollowed Grounds quickly, as evidenced by the crowd that had already shown up by the time Loren arrived. He surveyed the people there, a bottle in his hand, and a sack slung across his back. Inside the bag he had children’s toys and women’s clothes, odds and ends that Zariah, Edrei, Beatrix, and Jace wouldn’t be needing or using anymore.

Spotting some familiar faces, he made his way towards them. Slowing at the sight of Ronin for a brief moment, the Launceleyn took a deep breath, before forging ahead. Coming up on the other side of the other three men who were currently clumped together, the summoner smiled at Remi, Ronin, and finally the bard in turn. Loren was just in time to catch the tail-end of the white-haired man’s words about the happily married couple.

Nodding, the Launceleyn smiled at the merchant, who seemed to be well-known to those assembled. ”I can second that.” As far as the summoner knew, they were strangers but if they met and this narrator forgot, he is deeply sorry. Looking over the wares on display, he found his eyes lingering on one. ”However, I'll take some extra luck as well. I’ll trade you a bottle of wine and a teddy bear for the lucky rabbit’s foot.” He set the sack down and pulled out the bear in question, which was well-worn.

Loren offers a bottle of wine and a teddy bear for the lucky rabbit’s foot.

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Amun Arlun

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Amun had heard about the mysterious fellow who showed up out of the blue with all sorts of fun wares for trade. Seeing as the Hollowed Grounds had been downright tedious of late, the Greatwood was still closed to the Ascended, and Halo sucked, the potter decided to see what all the fuss was about.

So he sauntered over, hands in his pockets, whistling a merry tune. When he saw Wessex among those gathered there, he grinned. Looking for some baubles, Princess? If she looked his way, she’d see he was just teasing. In fact, he himself went to look over the everything on display.

And that included the merchant; Amun’s eyes traveled over the red-headed man, and as they did the potter’s grin gained a wicked edge. Picking an item at random, Amun stepped forward, dropping his voice to a sensual whisper. ”I’ll give you a bite for the glasses.” Winking at the other man, the potter spread his arms, showing off his toned body.

Amun offers an Ascended bite in exchange for the glasses.
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Sunjata Senzaok

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It’s the first time he’s ever done anything like this here, in Caido. And yet, the rules are still the same. A game of haggling, of offering what they might be willing to take in place of the item that catches his eye. But there’s a couple of possible good options, and he frowns as the rest of those gathered offer their options, what they have to offer for the items.

The sword catches his eye, as do the parchments. And yet, he has no idea what he has to offer for the sword that might equate to what Ianto might be wanting from it. He also doesn’t know the man, at all. So he pauses, slate eyes lifting to Ianto with a crooked smile. “I can offer plenty of alcohol and a place to stay at my bar for however long you might need, for the sword.” It seems like a decent offer, but even if it isn’t enough, at least he’d tried.
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Bastien De Rosieres
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Bastien was excited to see the return of the Wishing Wagon; he liked the spectacle of it all, the chance and the mystery; the opportunity to see the people of Caido joking and haggling with each other for once instead of more serious arguments taking place.

Looking through the stock, his eyes fell on the pieces of parchment. A common enough looking item, but he felt he knew Ianto well enough to know that the man would not simply store two normal pieces of paper. Regardless, they were quite nice, even if they were not magical. Wanting to be a part of the bartering, he stepped up to the wagon.

"Hello! I would be willing to offer a free, or discounted if it is large, commission of the Artist's Sanctuary for the parchment." He offered, pointing to the pieces.

Bastien offers a free/cheap commission in return for the parchment.
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The wagon was an interesting sight to behold. He waited his turn, listening to what others had to offer. He didn't exactly have much himself, but that didn't seem to be an issue. Many others had offered up non-material things ranging from a performance to being bitten. Well, he couldn't quite offer those, but he could certainly try his very best.

"In exchange for the incense, I offer you an evening where I provide you with food and tell you stories? Both ones of my past and ones that I grew up listening to." Okay. His offer kind of sucked, but it wasn't like he had asked for the sword. He wanted something nice and simple, so maybe the man would accept his offer.
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Amalia Chandrakant
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Amalia shows up woefully late, but with a broad smile for her errant friend who seems to come and go like the wind. "Ianto!" she greets the fiery fox warmly, opening her arms in the offer of a hug. "You keep vanishing before I have a chance to give you that bread."

With head tilted curiously she looks over the wares, nodding to the people she knows and smiling shyly at the few she does not. What interests her most is an item already claimed, but the baker does not hesitate, coming up beside Amun with a playful smirk as the Ascended makes his offer. Shaking her head, she tsks gently. "You deserve something that's a true trade. I'll bake you a cake fit for a king, and the dinner I already owe you, for the glasses."

Bite on that, Amun, her dark, glittering eyes seem to tease.
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You've been sitting nearby, watching the comings and goings with avid interest as the human-animals prepare for Fiat Lux. But none of that is as interesting as the wagon- a thing that seems to boast some level of magic, drawing people around it like a lantern might attract a swarm of eager moths.

It is an allure you are not immune to: slowly, steadily, you drift ever closer, your brown eyes wide and wondering as they take in the wares. Truth be told you have no real interest in material items- it's the bargaining and bartering that interests you more, and you listen intently as people make offers, trying to further understand the system of economy and exchange that Jigano so roughly introduced you to all those weeks before. Since then you've come to feel a little better, though not quite enough to make an offer of commerce yourself.

That's about to change, though.

As the haggling continues and people make their trades you stand to the side, observing and waiting. Finally, when things begin to calm down, you approach the red-haired man who seems to be in charge. Extending your hand to the stranger, you smile shyly at what appears within: a small mushroom, dancing merrily, its red cap bobbing up and down to a music only it can hear. "Hullo. I dunno much about barterin', but I'll trade you this for whatever you have left? Is that fair?"

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Well, well, well. Everyone, it seems, has come looking for a piece of the Wishing Wagon. And Ianto - why, Ianto had never been so inundated with offers and trades! Especially not ones he actually liked!

Gazing among those gathered, some old acquaintances (and then some) and others complete strangers, there is no time to greet everyone personally, much as he would like to do so. Besides, there were orders to fulfil and trades to make!

“You are right,” he said to Remi. “But your husband’s offer is too good to refuse, also. I gift you the carpet, and thusly trade it for the jerky. I hope you two enjoy it!“

Oh, and offering food - nay, chicken - was guaranteed to receive a very warm response. To Jigano, then, “That sounds like a fine trade to me, sir!” He winked.

Glancing next to Wessex and Lily, the fox nods earnestly. “The gauntlets and jar are yours, ladies. I look forward to taking the Wishing Wagon to Halo in the near future.” More on that another time, though.

Loren, now, that was a rough one. Ianto tilted his head this way and that - he had already accepted cider, what good would wine do? And the bear... “Is it magical? Does it have some tale of daring do?” He asked.

As for Amun, Ianto wrinkled his nose and shook his head politely. “I feel that would benefit you more than I, sir. Feel free to make another bargain, but I do not wish for your teeth.”

And on and on it went! Sunjata received a fiendish grin and a gentle bow of the head. “I would be honoured to find myself there. I heard the Rathskeller met its end before I could visit - I look forward to seeing you at this new bar. Take the sword.”

Chewing at the inside of his cheek, he shrugged to Bastien next. “My lady would have appreciated such a thing, but I have little need for it. Do you have anything else you might trade?”

Now stories he could get his teeth into, yes indeed. “I would very much enjoy that. The incense is yours fort he taking,” he said to Oliver, before glancing to Amalia.

“A tempting offer, but let us see what our bitey friend decides first.” He grinned, before his gaze moved, at last, to Kaimana. Blue eyes growing wide at the display, Ianto tilted his head this way and that at the little mushroom.

“Absolutely,” he said. “Allow me to finish these wonderful trades, sir, and I will happily let you take a pick of what is left.”

Remi receives - then loses - the carpet (and thus does not get to know what it does, boo!). He and Ronin receive: Jerky | Mmm, beefy!

Jigano receives: Everdry Bed | A square of silk that transforms into a large, luxurious bed upon command; always warm and clean and never ever gets that wet spot during use (wink wink nudge nudge)

Wessex receives: Gloves of Crushing | Oversized green gauntlets cause it's wearer to become mildly irritable and inevitably break fragile things when touched

Lily receives: Jar of starlight | Open to fill a room with the brilliance of the stars. One use only.

Loren is asked for more information about the bear, and Ianto declines Amun and his offer of a bite. He is able to bargain something else if he wants!

Sunjata receives: Flametongue | Magic sword that sheds dim light like a torch and is warm to the touch; causes user to constantly have spice on the tongue as if they ate something fiery hot

Bastien does not woo Ianto with his offer. He is able to bargain something else if he wants!

Oliver receives: Incense | When lit, this incense has a calming effect on all those with in 10ft

Amalia is invited to wait for Amun’s response, and Kaimana is invited to wait until all trades resolve to pick from what is left!

You have 72 hours (I hope) to respond.

Coding base by Sky!

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