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Plot Advancing Personal Quests

One of the harder aspects of the levelling system, at level 6 your character must complete a plot advancing PQ (or several, depending on your race). Given that what constitutes 'plot-advancing' changes depending on where we are in our plot, we've created a 'quest-board' for you to pick your PQs from.

AS OF LONGHEAT 313, each region will now be able to host up to TWO PQ+s per season, centred around preparations for the coming war. What you do to prepare is up to you, but be advised that if we think it's too basic/boring, we'll absolutely spice things up for you. (And not necessarily in a good way). Also, since these are region-based, at least HALF of the participants should be from that region.

  • This 'board' does not strictly exist in-game, though in certain situations it might. If one of the PQs is something like "oh no! monsters are running loose, kill them!" that might indeed be posted somewhere IC. But for the most part, you would get this information from word of mouth.

  • You may only run one of these PQs to satisfy a levelling requirement when you are at (or within one level) of the level that its needed. Plot-advancing PQs are meant to be hard to come by, because there simply aren't many things that you can do to drive the plot forward. Therefore we don't want characters running these for their own development/interests. If you want to be involved, find out who is running one and ask them!

  • In order to make these 'magic-focused', 'animal-focused', 'tech-focused', simply restrict participants to abandoned/attuned/ascended accordingly, and ensure that the way you complete the PQ has something to do with magic/animals/tech

  • You may make up your own plot-advancing PQ, but you must have it approved by Honey or Odd before proceeding.

  • You must post here in order to claim one of these PQs. However from the date you post you have one week to start the PQ; after that time you will lose your hold on the task. You should have all the pre-requisites done prior to posting here.


      Opening Borders: Establish a skyboat route from Stormbreak to Torchline.
      Requirements: Speak to either Cian or Ronin and learn about what is needed. Begin a PQ+ in Torchline on the docks to set up an appropriate moor for the skyboats. Must have 2 Order members, and 2 Torchline residents.
      Difficulty: Should be fairly easy.
      Reward: Ability to go between Stormbreak and Torchline (for Accepted/Attuned/Demigod only).

    Hollowed Grounds

    • None!


      Bring Her Home: Restore the Mathair back to the Greatwood.
      Requirements: Learn about where the Mathair has gone IC, and bring her back to the Greatwood by initiating a PQ+ in the correct board in the Wilds.
      Difficulty: Medium-Hard
      Reward: Blessing of the Mathair.


    • None!


    • None!

    Draig Cordillera

      Find Caido: Caido purportedly lives at the top of the Draig Cordillera.
      Requirements: None
      Difficulty: Probably impossible
      Reward: Become a hero, meet the god of gods.

    The Wilds

    • The last: Find the location of the last remaining seasonal god.
      Requirements: Somewhere in the wilds the last remaining seasonal deity remains. Find its location by following IC clues.
      Difficulty: ?????
      Reward: Blessing from the seasonal deity. Or a curse, maybe it doesn't want to be found.

    • Portals: Establish portals in the Wilds!
      Requirements: You know the drill! Ascended must explore every board within the wilds, and then set up a PQ+ to begin construction of a portal.
      Difficulty: Easy
      Reward: Easier transportation, goodwill for all those who utilize the portals.
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I'd like to claim the Stormbreak one for Ronin please. :)
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I would like the Greatwood one for Remi, please!
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I would like the last remaining seasonal god PQ+ for Wessex, please!

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