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Rexanna De Rosieres
the Penumbra
Queen of the Hollowed Grounds

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In light of recent events, she realizes quickly that the council must be formed, it must begin – in an effort to try and prevent more terrible things from happening. A way to work together and thrive, a way for them to decide if they should keep her at the helm. And with her eyesight back, it all begins again. So she posts the date to meet on the Notice Board, tells anyone she can to spread the word. To vote to change the future, their future, and begin again anew.

Wessex had been kind enough to let her use the townhall, the Theskyra house for whatever she needed, and she takes advantage of it unsure of how stable the Temple is currently, and spends the night there preparing, figuring out where to start, where to begin. And by the time the clock chimes morning, the curtains are only partially opened to allow the light to filter in, and she remains strategically placed to avoid it. But she wants it as open, as inclusive as she can, as bright as she can while the shadows of Fiat Lux still haunt the Grounds.

When they arrive, she’s settled near the front, a few papers scattered here and there, and she waves to those she knows, smiles to those she doesn’t very well, and waits until the doors are clicked shut to allow for those to wish to participate and vote, to offer themselves for said positions, a few prepared that she has already spoken to before the world had gone to hell once again.

Thank you all for coming.” She begins, arms folded easily in front of her. She’s dressed in clothes of soft dove grey, nothing vibrant, nothing that makes her stick out aside from where she stands. That she too, is one of them. “I’m so sorry to all of you over what happened at Fiat Lux, and if there’s anything I can do to help make it easier for you, please let me know.” She doesn’t want to stick around on the subject too long before she moves on.

I figured now would be a good time to pick the council, to try and be better prepared to prevent things like what just happened, from happening again. But I want to open it up to all of you. I’ve prepared sections, things I think would benefit the Grounds as a whole, and with it I would like you all to think on it if you want to be a part of it. And if you do, a brief explanation of why you think you would be best suited for it.” She tries to scan the crowd, meet each face. “And once everyone has a chance to participate should they wish to, then we’ll call a vote.

And then once those are voted in, they can start moving again. “And once the positions are voted in, I’ll open the floor for you all to decide if you wish for me to remain queen, and if not who will take my place.” A small nod to that, that she’ll listen to them if they don’t think she’s fit to run it.

Clearing her throat, she steps a bit more centered, still in the front where there’s no sunlight, hidden beneath the shadows of where the windows are. “There will be five positions.” She begins, turning to face the wall she stands before, placing a piece of parchment up for each of the positions, for names to go under so they can vote and keep track. “A Militia. Now Deimos currently runs this, and after knowing him for… A very long time, I think personally he’s a good fit. But if he doesn’t want it anymore, and someone else thinks they may be better suited, feel free to speak up when I open the floor.” A brief pause as she scrawls out “Militia” at the top of the first piece of parchment, underlining it. “A Naturals Advisor would be next, to ensure that those that have lived here have their voices heard.” Same rules apply, whoever wants it. She writes it on the next one. “An Outlander Advisor.” On and on. “Healers and Health Advisor, for the overall health of the grounds and preventing sickness like the blight.” She swallows a bit harder as she says it, but charges on. “And lastly, one for history, seeing as many Outlanders here don’t know as much as the Naturals do, it would benefit us to learn from the past.” And with it, she turns to face the group again, each piece of parchment underlined and laid out.

Placing her hands behind her back now, she offers them all a small smile. “So I’ll open the floor to you all, give a brief explanation of which position you wish for, and what makes you better suited for it. And afterwards, we’ll all take a vote. Any questions?


1. If you wish to participate in the voting, a short post of your character arriving is all that’s needed.
2. If you wish to offer your character for a position, post your character arriving and their small speech/brief explanation of what makes them better suited for said position. To keep things moving, please have it be in the same arriving post.

The Positions:
Naturals Advisor (Naturals only)
Outlander Advisor (Outlanders only)
Health Advisor
History Advisor

You have until Wednesday 1/8/2020 to post/offer your characters in if you want to vote/offer yourself! And if you have any questions, feel free to PM me <3
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If it hadn't been such an important occasion, Oliver most likely wouldn't have shown up. Right now, he didn't really feel interested in interacting with large amounts of people. He felt as though he should be grieving right now, showing his respects to others. This, however, was way more important. So important that maybe it could change how things were run, maybe they could avoid such a disastrous event in the future. The council was needed and Oliver was ready to take part in deciding.

Right now, he had no plans of really nominating himself. There were others that he saw as more fit to take command than him, but there were also people he would outright refuse to see take command. It wasn't that he hated anyone, he just believed some people were too incompetent to properly rule. Oliver wasn't going to say any names immediately, but the moment they tried? He'd fight against them to take the seat or speak out against the idea. It's not petty, it's protecting everyone else.

Looking around, he seemed to be among the first to arrive, which seemed to be the usual. Walking along he found himself a place to sit and looked forward. He felt bad for how things had gone and when given the chance, he'd apologize to Rexanna for failing to protect the citizens.
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Bastien De Rosieres
Guildmaster / Artist

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Bastien was not, had never been, interested in government. In rules and restrictions and made-up hierarchies; he especially was not interested in monarchy. Yet he had made vows to support Rexanna, to love her; he would do just that. If there had to be a Queen (and now that the idea had started, it seemed there was no going back) he could not think of anyone more suited to the job than his wife, with her wise, calm nature and diplomatic experience.

So he arrived with her, looking about Wessex's house with some interest: He was unsure if it was the best location for the meeting but he could not deny it was an attractive building, that it was a good place for them to work. He did not interrupt Rexanna, only did whatever duties she needed doing: chairs moved, papers sorted, doors opened, curtains adjusted.

As people entered the building he went to sit behind Rexanna at the front, carefully keeping his expression neutral and his eyes off any specific person. He did not want to appear threatening, but he wanted to stay close to her; she was not to blame for the Fiat Lux disaster, but as the most obvious authority figure in the room, he knew how easily she could be blamed. In such an event, he wanted to be close.

Would he vote? He hadn't quite decided. He'd see what everyone had to say for themselves, he supposed. Who it was that came forwards. There were some faces he expected to see, but he was sure the day would bring surprises; Caido always did.

Bastien arrives and sits a ways behind Rexanna.

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Democracy was still not a concept entirely in Abasi's grasp; the amount of votes and power given over to the people in this system seemed messy, complicated, slowing things down - but it was the way that this world ran, and he was trying his best to involve himself in life in Caido as well as he could.

Quietly entering and sitting near the front so he could hear what was said clearly, he waited for the voting to began. He would need to hear an argument for each person, not knowing who should fulfill what role; when it was not decided by birthright, things grew far more complicated than they ever had back home.

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Deimos Ignatius
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Another gathering, but not amongst the temple, not amongst the fields, not in normal parameters or circumstances. The void, the abyss, clawed its way into his lungs and ribs, and he swallowed down the vexation, the frustration, the avid, torrential tempest brewing, welling, and churning – pushing it into the recesses of his mind. For later; moments not here, not laden in diplomacy and government (which was a another level of torment), and as he entered the designated house, Deimos was only a fixture of reticence and reserve, stoic, stone, carved from filaments of glaciers, the walls drawn over and over, fortifications he leaned upon now. He took a seat, as he clenched his jaw, as he stared at the floor, as he thought of hundreds of other tangents and variables spiraling out of control, the world tilted on its axis once more, and they were forced to simply carry on.

It wasn’t Rex’s fault. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. But it still burned and buried and burrowed its way, and he released a long, inaudible sigh, listening, listening, listening.

Five positions – militia, and his head rose again at the sound of his name, naturals advisor, outlander advisor, healers, and a historical, scholarly intonation. Then she opened the floor, and he felt a bit like a fool, rising from his seat. Never well-practiced or well-versed in the notion of speaking, of proffering himself or his qualities – but wishing to keep his position, his role, something suitable, something fundamental, something he knew and understood right to his very core. “I would like to maintain my role as General.” A pause, piercing eyes flicking towards the Penumbra, and then everyone else assembled. “I have been a soldier a majority of my life, and have held this rank before, in another land.” Before crowns, before titles, before thrones; the rush of war pulsing and pervading, the slash of blades, the contortion of lacerations. Then, into the results of their already-begun distinction: no one drafted, no one consigned, but asked, recruited, by their own power and means. “Thus far, we have created a barracks and training grounds for anyone who strives to strengthen themselves. There is also an armory available for those who require weapons or munitions, and several defensive plans in the works.” To ensure safety, in case those like Zariah intended to push too far once more, or so that the level of tyranny she exercised couldn’t happen again. With that, the Sword felt finished, a nod given to Rexanna, his notations completed, short and succinct, concise, to the point. If anyone felt he wasn’t adequate in the role, then further discussions or displays could ensue.
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There’s a part of him that doesn’t really care about the happenings currently. And then there’s another part of him that imagines he should at least show – to vote in the end, right? To do his due diligence, do his part? For as much as he hates the monarchy, this is… New, something different, something he’s not used to. A voice in the matter is something that’s rarely given in his experience. So he arrives, with little flair, settling near the back to simply observe – reaching up to adjust his earrings to see if he could hear any whispers among the crowd.

And then he settles in to listen, to cast his vote.
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Phoebe Steadman
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Phoebe arrived early and found a seat, Pim at her feet, but otherwise alone. She was solemn, quiet, her bright demeanor dampened by her silent grief. Grief was an old friend by now though, and she had come to terms with it's ever present touch - and now instead of falling to pieces she merely shut down. She needed to function for the moment. Feeling would have to wait.

At least it meant her nerves did not affect her as strongly as they would have otherwise.

When Rexanna opened the floor for people to put their name in the bid for council, she stood, as she had promised her friend she would. "I would offer myself for consideration for the position of Health Advisor. I've both a successful midwifery practice, skilled herbalist, and am Dean of our Medical College - where I led our efforts to study the blight under Frey's guidance, which did result in successful identification of its source, and I continue the College's research of health and medicine. I have access to the necessary equipment and knowledge base to offer guidence in this area of expertise." she said softly, but with confidence.
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Wessex Theskyra
the Wraith

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It’s a little weird being back in her old house, but since the Wraith is more or less semi-nomadic now and has very little use for it, it might as well be given to the new government. With or without her family name attached to it, she honestly doesn’t care.

Listening to Rex lay out the format of the meeting, she finds herself inexplicably being drawn back towards governing, in a role she might be better suited for, after all, there are few Naturals who easily bridge both worlds and work for both: herself, Amalia, Sam… that’s really about it. If her people won’t take an active role in the governing of their lives, she’ll do it for them. Again.

After Phoebe sits down again, Wessex stands up, hands folded in front of her. “I’d like to put myself forward for Naturals advisor.” She takes a look around the room. “You know my experience and my dedication to my people. I think it’s a role I’m better suited to and was once nominated for, apparently, back when Zariah was in control.” A slight pause as she considers the next part, deviating from what Rex wants, but feeling like it’s important to get this in quickly, while she still can.

“And I nominate Amalia for the History position, if she wants it.” The ball is in Amalia's court, of course. But the Wraith knows no one with a more concrete knowledge of the Grounds than Ama, and with her access to the Loreseekers, they can maybe meld the multiple cultures a bit more.

Sitting back down, the demi-god almost sends a mental apology to her sister but then decides against it. No harm no foul, really. Just Wessex being Wessex.
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Sam had almost not come - his foot was slow to heal even with his quick healing and he was having to use a stick, he was tired of all these debates...but he'd been trying so hard to assist in Caido's future recently. He had to keep trying, stay invested, stay informed. Arriving just before Rexanna began to speak and sitting by the back, he listened to the positions that were available.

It was not in his nature whatsoever to stand up and volunteer, to make himself so vulnerable, so available for people to judge. But this had been a year of new limits, new accomplishments, and a position in the town would be a concrete way for him to help with it's progress. Not just that - he felt it was important Ascended were at least represented by one person in the council.

When Wessex put herself up for the position, he felt a fear grip his heart. Would she be angry, if he went against her? Though...He knew a lot of people were angry at Wessex for various things she had done, as Queen or as a warrior. While he was not popular with everyone, he was a Natural, he was kind (or at least he liked to think so) and he was finding within himself a drive for justice and inclusion that he'd not had before.

Nervously he stood, forcing his voice to be steady. "I would like to be considered for Natural Advisor, please. I've lived here my entire life - I know this town very well, I know it's market, houses, how it works...I've seen all the upheaval of the last couple of years. I know how tired we all are; yet I still have Outlander friends, sympathise with them too. I think I could..." He paused, hesitating for just a moment with old inconfidence stopping him from stating his benefits. "..Be easily trusted by people. I will keep your secrets and you can speak to me honestly. I will listen and try to find the most fair solution for all of us. I know our history, I know how we've been hurt in the past - I'll help us to avoid that. Thank you." With a polite smile and nod, he sat back down.

At least now he could say he'd tried, even if he was certain he would never be chosen.

Sam puts himself forwards for Natural Advisor.
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Maea Valair

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The meeting had already begun. Maea tried to be as quiet as possible when she slipped inside, and kept herself to the back of the room so as not to draw attention to herself. She just wanted to listen, get back in the loop of what was going on... and see how this system would work.

It was one she had tried to create herself, after all. Now, a year later and with other people at the helm, she was happy to see it unfold with her own eyes. A good leader, people who were interested in lending a hand to aiding the ones around them.

She smiled as she settled in to listen and, if necessary, to cast a vote.


Maea has come to vote.

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Loren Launceleyn
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Loren arrived, dressed all in black, expression tired and haunted, dark circles under his eyes. Shuffling in, he stopped briefly by Phoebe, hoping to give her shoulder a gentle squeeze. Whether or not he was successful, he would move on, heading towards the front. Taking a seat next to Abasi, the summoner didn't move to take the undertaker's hand.

Instead, he just watched as first Rexanna, then others, began making speeches and cases for themselves. He didn't say a word, simply turned to watch and listen to each person in turn. His eyes and expression were inscrutable, not betraying what thoughts or feelings he might have about the proceedings.
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Amun Arlun

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Amun strode in, an easy grin on his face. Staying towards the back, he grabbed a chair, spun it around, and straddled it. Draping his left arm across the top, he kept his right one hidden. That way no one could see the damage, the fingers that no longer worked, the hand crushed beyond repair. His left hip was also in pretty bad shape, but at least it was healing.

Obviously he didn't nominate himself for anything. As Wessex got up, however, the potter smirked. You've got my vote, Princess. However, Amun didn't say anything out loud, just planning to sit there and listen unless called on.
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Well shoot. He had been sitting here for a while and well....tons of people weren't really offering themselves up. So far they only had one person for each, save for two people for Natural Adviser. Unfortunately, that also left them with two blank spaces. Deimos had volunteers Amalia, but she hadn't made an appearance. There were quite a few people Oliver saw that he believed would nominate themselves for Outlander Adviser, such as Loren, Abasi, or fuck, maybe even Amun. However, none did.

Seeing as nobody else wanted to nominate, Oliver decided to nominate himself. Surely, that would inspire others to try and nominate themselves as well.

Standing up, Oliver walked to the front. "Guess I am now nominating myself for Outlander Adviser. Many of you know that I am fairly new, I think that's a good thing. I can be someone that helps those who are lost, those who appeared at the worst times, and those who don't have a memory. I know what it's like to be thrown in, all alone, no Outlanders really appearing at the same time...and I think that I can do a lot to help people adapt. I can also provide a new perspective, one that hasn't fully adapted to this world. Thank you for hearing me out." And with that, Oliver went to sit down once more.
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Amun Arlun

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As Oliver stood up, Amun’s eyebrows rose. The blonde-haired man gave his speech, and the potter grinned at the end of it. Then Amun stood up himself, though he stayed at the back of the room, and he kept his hands behind his back.. ”I’d like to nominate myself for Outlander advisor as well." His voice rang out confidently.

"I'm new myself, so I can also offer fresh perspectives. I still remember how difficult it is to adjust, and am happy to help others with that transition." He paused, sweeping his gaze over those few assembled. "In my own world, I traveled extensively, exposing me to knowledges and cultures both exotic and mundane. I'd be happy to share that information with all of you. And since coming to Caido, I have done my best to fully integrate myself into this world and this community, no matter the cost."

Finally he let his mangled hand fall, showing off the injury he'd sustained at Fiat Lux. His gaze settled onto Maea. "I know many of you are worried about the changes us Outlanders bring with us. I respect that, and have no desire to change your traditions or your way of life for the worse. In fact, if you choose me, you have my vow that I will continue to help the Hollowed Grounds to the best of my ability." With that, he sat.
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