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A sound of rushing water. A swell of surging waves. The crack of waves crashing against the rocks.

These are all signs that something is occurring. Something great, something beautiful, something sad. It’s a lonely call that draws across the beaches and pools, that thrums from the watery depths below. Something is moving, something powerful, something ancient.

Once feathered and bright, vibrant against the sky, drawn to the depths of the ocean without its wings and forced to thrive within the dark cold sea. It’s awake now, surging toward the sunlight above as though it could take to the skies once more, thrashing among the waters as soon as it breaks the surface. A lonely call to the heavens above, echoing its pitiful voice.

This is a Race Specific reward drop, but will also count as a rare animal sighting (L'ma).

You have 72 hours to enter.
Saiden Hali

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Saiden always returned to the Miana Pool a few times after he'd recently thrown a stone in. After all, he was inevitably very interested to see if his latest pretty rock would yield results. Even if it didn't, it was still a peaceful spot, and he enjoyed just lazing about the shore there.

Of course, nothing stayed the same forever, because today something seemed to be calling out from the pool. More importantly, something seemed to be disturbing its tranquil waters. Standing up from where he'd been lounging, he peered into the depths. Then he was greeted by the sight of something big and wonderful trying to break free from the water. He simply watched, for now, transfixed at the sight.
Loren Launceleyn
Citadel Grand Healer

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Loren had been spending too much time in Torchline, that much maybeeeee true. However, today that paid off, because something called him from where he was practicing his swimming. Heading back to the shore, where Astra was growing a bit frantic, he found himself drawn to a pool in the distance. There was a man there who was vaguely familiar looking, standing at the water's edge, but the healer just spared the stranger a glance.

Then the Launceleyn found his eyes drawn to the water as something enormous tried to break free. Although his luxere companion tried to dart forward to take a closer look, he hugged her close, not wanting to approach until he knew if this was dangerous or not. For a moment, something dark and ugly lurked in his eyes before he schooled his features into a neutral mask.
look at how a single candle can both
defy and define the darkness
Force and magic can be used against Loren without permission.
Eloise Teralux

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"How very like a Launceleyn get dressed and rush off." Eloise smirked, having followed Loren towards the pool. She'd nothing better to do and he'd provided fairly entertaining company thus far. "What's all the fu—oh." Coming to a halt at Loren's side, the illusionist's flirtatious smile drops away, leaving only bright astonishment in its place.

With a bit of trepidation, she draws closer to Loren, nudging him lightly with her shoulder. "This hasn't happened in all the time I"ve been here...the stories of it though...Loren, they're not always good."

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Amun Arlun

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Unlike his Ascended kin, Amun didn’t have a problem venturing out in the day. Sure, he was slow, but especially after the recent blessing from The Voice he found it didn't bother him as much. Torchline was also much prettier in the light. Just because he could see in the dark didn't mean he wanted to.

Of course, today, something strange seemed to be in the air. Following a call that felt a little too close to the one he'd heard at LongNight for comfort, he eventually found it was emanating from a pool around which a small group was gathering.

The only one he recognized was that fucking stick-in-the-mud of a Launceleyn, so instead, the potter stood on the opposite side of the pool, giving the water a wide berth as it roiling and something stirred within. He had a cutlass at his hip, but for now he primed his upgrade, ready to peace out when if this got violent.
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Weaver Hale

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She has grown up in Caido, and yet, she doesn’t expect anything magical to happen. Not to her, anyway, or not in her vicinity. To others, yes, but not her. Her life has been shockingly ordinary for one spent in a magical land filled with gods. Which is to say full of ordinary magical creatures, but never the rare ones. Full of ordinary deaths, rather than extravagant ones. Full not of gods but their absence, for they did not come for her.

So when something begins to happen during her otherwise uneventful walk, she doesn’t quite believe it at first. But the deep, lonely call that echoes out draws others, only one whom she recognizes but doesn’t bother to approach. Instead she simply stays where she is, waiting to see what might happen, knowing she should run in the other direction because things like this are never good. Yet she can’t help but stay which has nothing to do with leveling, can’t help but see what magical thing might present itself.


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Samuel Wordsworth
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Tell me little dear if you've only lived here,
have you ever really lived at all?

Probably unsurprisingly, Sam's letter to Remi had gone unanswered. He wished he could believe that the Alchemist was simply taking his time with the response, but common sense told him he was being ignored (and furthermore, that he deserved it). Idly at night he dreamed of going to the shoreline of Torchline, plucking Remi away and comforting him somehow, making it all better....somehow.

However, that actually wasn't why he arrived at Ahi Coast. He'd promised The Voice that he'd help with exploratory efforts there and while he was still anxious to wander too far into the new region after his first experience there, he figured he could start with simple walks along the coast (in the other direction to Remi's camp). Short trips with a wagon ride back home in the evening, so it wouldn't be too long of a day. Easy, relaxing way to make the place more palatable for the eventual exploration.

Wearing a wide brimmed sun hat and what could best be described as a suit with a maxi skirt, he arrived ready for the hot sun and beach. Perhaps it was not the most dignified option, but it was the best way to stay somewhat cool (being able to feel temperature was both a blessing and a curse) and still be able to hide himself from the light. Dressed like this he headed down for his usual walk along the coast, when he saw in the distance something very unusual indeed.

A crowd of people were gathering, watching something out in the ocean thrash and move the waves with a mighty, yet solemn cry - Sam could not help but be transfixed too. He approached to stand next to Loren, leaning in next to his friend (and currently, one-time-lover) to ask: "What is it...?"

Maea Valair

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SHII - Regular - Will-o-Wisp
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She had been picking stones on the shore when the call rang out. Searching for just the right one to offer to the pool, in the hopes that she might get a wish granted. This was probably a touch greedy of her, as one of Maea's most fervent wishes had just come true, but she preferred to think of it as a backup contingency, a safety precaution to prevent things from going wrong.

Looking up, she found a number of people drawn in towards the pool, following the call much as herself. Maea recognized several faces, but kept her distance from both Saiden and Loren and hurried over to join Amun instead. His presence was somewhat reassuring, especially as the haunting call began to send shivers down her spine.

"What's going on?" she asked him, and came to stand by his side, pale eyes scanning the waters of the pool.
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Nate Wren

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Who could ask to be unbroken
or be brave again?
Or honey hope even on this side
of the grave again?
There was no point in being at a beach if he didn’t get to enjoy it in the day, as far as Nate was concerned. The longer he spent in Torchline, the more he threw caution to the wind, venturing out earlier, staying out later. This was his most daring venture yet, despite the black cloak he was wrapped in. A far but necessary cry from his usual style.

It was good luck he’d chosen today to explore too, judging by the sound that echoes over the sands, the crowd already gathered. Bright eyes roam over those already in attendance before he sidles closer to Maea and Amun, giving Sam, his dumb outfit, and those he’s standing near a wide berth.
And who could ask it to be sound
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Ronin Taliesin
the Dark Star
Monster Hunter

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Ronin Taliesin
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A crowd was gathering around the Miana Pool, and for all the people in Torchline, Ronin recognised near most of them. Still, he couldn't help but approach now, the rumour of L'ma and the stories behind it enough to pique his interest. For all of the changes in the past few weeks, however - both before, during and after being dropped on the beach - he didn't feel quite sociable enough to approach anyone.

So Ronin lingered on the outskirts, watching the waters thrash, trying not to think about how that mourning cry cut straight to his core. Regrettably, Sugar was the one who outed him - draped about his shoulders, the young dragon replied with a crooning trill of her own, like she wanted to address L'ma, to coax it out.

Amalia Chandrakant
the Shield of Safrin
Hand of the Queen / Baker
Portal Guardian
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JYOTI - Mythical - Starwhale (Humpback)
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the shield of safrin
Amalia has been spending more time in Torchline, soaking up the sun and trying to heal. It is nice to take a break from home, from the traumas and history and constant reminders of all the mistakes she's made. It's nice to dream of the possibility that the whole world can be as beautiful as here.

Yet trouble will leave no land alone, and there are constant reminders of the mistakes she has made. She sees them now: gathering, called by a classic, mythic anchor, drawn together in a way so deeply familiar and yet so strange. Amalia knows so many of the figures; it surprises her to see more familiar faces than unfamiliar, given their current location.

One in particular catches her eye, betrayed indeed by the dragon on his shoulder. On starlit wings the owl drops, Jyoti ahead of her to announce their arrival, greeting Ronin and Sugar fondly before the avian settles beside the dragon, shifting to an otter figure as she does and draping across her friend(?). Her tail lengthens, long and slender and wrapping around him for stability that her hind legs will not provide.

Meanwhile Jyoti files ahead, coaxing Sugar to come with her to investigate the pool, fearless and empathetic as she trills a starlit note to her similarly fallen kin.
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Deimos Ignatius
the Resurrected Sword
Militia General of the Hollowed Grounds / Guildmaster

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the resurrected sword
The beast hadn’t gone to Torchline at all, despite the news of portals opening, too busy, too occupied with quests for healing. But now, as it sprawled out before him, as pieces and pockets of the ocean carved such a longing, yearning trace over his ribs and lungs – he hovered and soared, incapable of taking it all in on gliding breaths and singular stretches. The coast was reminders, some bitter, some grand, of those wandering instances of childhood, of days before swords were in his hands or death pierced every waking moment.

He would’ve taken hours, days, decades to explore every nook and cranny, had a call not resounded and echoed across the ridges of dunes and shore. It gave him pause, until he plummeted, listening, drawn towards the ocean swells and the growing crowd, pondering the wake of chiseled foundations and yesteryear recollections (something like the Undine – singing its song before being healed?). Perhaps it was fortune that Zuriel followed him from below, twisting and turning down to meet her, shifting to man instead of eagle. He didn’t even chance a glance towards those assembled, presuming he knew a great mass of them, some familiar, some strange, loitering along the outskirts as he so often did, waiting, waiting, waiting for whatever was bound to strike.
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Melita Najya

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FANGORN - Mythical - Vampire Gourd
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to be lit up from within
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She continued exploring, youthful and ebullient, a glowing resplendence along coasts and surf, relishing in the swell, the vibrancy, the connections from past worlds and homes to the here and now. The girl skipped, bounded, leapt along the sand, and would have relished in escalating the prowess and potential along the dunes, had a sad song not floated past her ears. Was something dying? Eyes on Fangorn, the only hint the poor gourd would receive before she dashed down the plain, her limbs reached and scalded, destined to not be the only one – a crowd emerging from the horizon. While her heart beat and ricocheted along her chest, her gaze instantly went to the outlines in the water, pondering the likelihoods of whatever foreboding essence careened through. Only thereafter did she and her companion scan the crowd, pressing for familiarity amongst the unknown, scattering and skimming until she settled and stood next to Amun, silent as the waves undulated.
to be the sun
Arialla Calimeris

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Torchline reminded Arialla achingly of home. That was why she'd come here: someone had suggested that she might feel better in a more familiar setting, that the coastline of Caido might charm her heart the way the Hollowed Grounds most assuredly had not.

On one hand, it did improve her outlook, to know that not everything on Caido was as horrifically foreign as the Hollowed Grounds and the Spire. But on the other hand, everywhere she looked in Torchline brought her almost to tears with tearing homesickness. She half-expected to hear her father calling to her as he brought his boat in from a day's fishing, to see her little brother run past with a sand dollar in his hand.

Instead she heard a strange cry from what had been locally described to her as a wishing pool, and saw a crowd gathered around it. The only face she recognized was Samuel, but she avoided both his gaze and the other spectators, preferring to hang back a bit and watch alone. She had been thinking of making a wish in the pool herself -- the same wish she always made, in all her prayers and all her thoughts: to go home. But she hadn't found a stone worthy of her most important, most extraordinary wish yet.

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