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for Safrin

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The journeys Oliver had made through torchline had been eventful. Ranging from a swashbuckler who just really wanted him dead to seeing an old friend who wasn't exactly happy. Many of his experiences had been far from good, but for some reason he still remained optimistic, or at least positive enough to continue visiting. Maybe it's the draw of the ocean or he could also just be a complete idiot. Either way, Oliver enjoyed visiting Torchline. He liked exploring and just seeing what he could find. It was on one of his first explorations that he discovered a shrine in the lighthouse. Rather than immediately visiting, he bookmarked the location in his memory for a later visit.

Eventually, that later visit would come. Like before, he had come with a small bag of goods, but this time he tried to cater them far closer to his goddess. Kneeling down, Oliver set the bag down carefully and removed the contents. A jar of rocks that glowed when the light hit them just right, a sketch of the stars that he had worked on for a couple of hours, and then finally two lilac colored candles. It had been challenging to aquire the last part, but the color seemed fitting enough to him.

Striking a match, he carefully lit up the two candles before snuffing out the stick. With a final deep inhale, he closed his eyes and tried to calm himself, allowing his heart beat to slow down and mind to clear. Once he felt like he was properly calm, he spoke in a hushed tone, one that still broke the silence.

"Safrin, I ask for your presence. I wish to speak with you."
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The sea breeze drifts into the lighthouse, flickering the flames of the candles where the scent of them becomes a small amount more powerful until it seems like the room permeates it.

Aside from that, nothing happens and Oliver is left to continue the candles, artwork, and his privacy.

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