luxeres are better than people (open)

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This was one of the only things Oliver was looking forward to this Deepfrost. While everything else was depressing as shit, there was just something different about singing to animals. Luxeres were gorgeous creatures and he was lucky enough to have seen one previously that was a natural from the wild. Recently, all of the ones he had seen were different. Astra (was she even a luxere?) was small and a companion, so she wasn't exactly wild. Then there was Ronin and he had a Luxere shift. While both were nice, there was just something different about singing and calling the creatures forward.

So he set out one day, heading out at hopefully just the right time. If any others wished to join him, he'd be more than happy, but for now he'd simply enjoy himself.

Walking through the forest all bundled up, he called out, his voice carrying through the trees as he sung.

"Molly dear now did you hear
The news that's going round
Down in a corner of my heart
A love is what you've found
And every time I gaze into
Your Irish eyes so blue
They seem to whisper "Darling boy, my love is all for you" "

as many people can join as they want lol
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She hadn't expected to see anyone. She'd started wandering, thinking over recent events, and what to do with herself and her life. She hadn't really expected to wind up out in the forest, either, truth be told, but then she heard lovely lilting singing and followed it to...

"You were my partner at training that time!" She rushed past that - it might have bad memories for him - and said, "I'm Freina."

She looked around at the trees. "Are you singing to the luxere?" She looked back to him. "Nice of you. With a voice like that, I'm sure you'll get many." Not that Luxere necessarily cared about how 'well' you sang - in fact, that was an entirely human (so far as she knew) qualification. But she wanted to make sure her former partner was in better spirits than he had been during the general's training. And anyway, she did like his voice. It wasn't empty flattery.
Amun Arlun

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Amun didn't know if the luxere liked him, or Ascended. Nor did he know the best way to get them to stick around for LongNight. However, he'd grabbed some hay and apples, thrown them in a bag, and sauntered his way towards the woods where the magical deer had been spotted recently.

Seeing Oliver and a woman that the potter didn't know, he meandered over to them. "Hey Oliver. Beautiful voice. What're we singing." Turning to face the woman, he sketched a shallow bow in the air. "Amun Arlun. It's a pleasure to meet you."

With that, he set the pack down. Pulling out an apple and a handful of hay, he held them out to the luxere.
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