Healing Hands
for Amalia
Desmond Sariel

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      Desmond didn’t work out of the infirmary. When he started practicing medicine, the infirmary was in no shape to really support any kind of clean environment, so the young healer worked out of his house. Luckily, it wasn’t too far from the underground.

      After the ordeal with the others, the man led Amalia to his house so he could help her with her shoulder. He could’ve done something where they were, but the tools he had brought with him weren’t ideal for the job, and the last thing he wanted to do was mess up her shoulder more or put her at risk of getting an infection.

      He would invite her inside and walk into the next room where everything was obsessively clean. Desmond pulled out his supplies and laid them out on a counter, gesturing to a tall cot. ”Just have a seat there,” he said with a kind smile. Washing his hands quickly in a bowl of water, he dried them well on a rag and looked at the young woman.

      ”Are you comfortable removing your shirt?” He asked. Desmond didn’t want to make her at all uncomfortable, and he was of course a professional. Not everyone was comfortable with undressing at all in front of a virtual stranger, though.

Amalia Chandrakant
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i'll light a f i r e in your new shoes
Get your boots. Get your staff. Get out of here.

Thus was the mantra Amalia repeated, a quiet chant in a disquiet mind. Lantern. Boots. Out.

Her staff, though broken, felt familiar between her fingers. Reassuring. Don't think about the role you played in freeing an abomination, setting a new God loose upon this world. Her boots, warm, slip onto moist feet. She hadn't realized her toes were so  cold, hadn't felt them until they began to thaw and tingle, pins and needles a welcome distraction Don't think aboutt the betrayal this might have been. Think about the pain.

In stunned silence she followed Desmond, completing tasks and making her way out of the cave. She was grateful for his leadership, content to let him lead her back to his home once she'd collected her wayward possessions. His house was not far, thankfully, tucked away in the domiciles.

Amalia paused as they entered the threshold, darkness suddenly filling the periphery of her sight. A wave of nausea tipped through the baker; she gasped quietly, stumbling to sit in the nearest chair, her head tucked in between her knees.  The bloodloss from her shoulder combined with shock made for a triggering cocktail. "Just a moment," Amalia gasped through clenched teeth, willing her brain not to lose consciousness, willing her body to keep it together.

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