how they shine for you [open]
Remi Taliesin
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the lullaby
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Remi nods, there being few words with the power to underscore the thing he's just said. "I haven't thought about that particular memory in..." The alchemist exhales a breath of air which suddenly feels stale and unwelcome. "...a long time." He finishes on the final dregs of air, snarling silently up into the sky.

Though Remi has come far in his sexuality, especially here in Caido where any number of things are not only permissible but taken completely for granted in how mundanely accepted they are, still there are parts of the alchemist one might describe of as shy. Do they all make sense? Gods no. For instance, Nate has no doubt heard that in a sick-escapade on the beach with his now-husband, Remi did at one point have the tip of Sunjata's cock in his mouth. Not awkward about that moment, nonetheless the alchemist finds himself entirely unable to join Nate in his relaxing backward upon the sand. Something about stargazing in the coolness of near-midnight but the alchemist's stomach tangle somewhat.

"You do that. I can tell you as both governor, and husband to the king, won't be all smooth sailing." No doubt Nate knows this, and there's nothing in the alchemist's accented voice to suggest he means the words condescendingly. Just one fucked soul to another. "Not here." Remi replies with a bit of a huff, picking up a handful of sand and lobbing it toward the racing waves. Running fingers stiff with tension through his curls, the alchemist forces himself to breathe in a deep breath through his nose. His exhale is too fast though, suggesting that this little calming exercise hasn't done much of anything. "I grew up on the road, and even though Torchline has been by far my most stable home since I've been in Caido...It still doesn't feel right." Glancing over his shoulder, pale green eyes softly cascading down Nate's face to see if there is a spark of understanding in the other man, the Lullaby turns his attention back to the sea.
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