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Jack Barclay

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A low groan rumbles in Jack's chest and throat, his eyes slipping shut to fully enjoy the feel of her tongue curling around him. He's not usually one for it, in truth, because so much of it is obligatory for a lot of people, and for a guy who reads minds, it's a bit of a buzzkill. Raza, though? The smuggler loses himself to her, hissing in another breath and letting his hips tease forward to meet the hot, wet press of her mouth.

But that's over before he's got much of a chance to really enjoy himself, the sparks of her pleasure enough for him to anticipate what's to come (ha). Stepping back to give her room to rise to her feet, Jack's eyes roam over her; she's all bronze skin and swaying hips and a sweet, wet cunt, and her beckoning is not wasted on Jack. Not for a second.

He steps forward, gripping her hips and pressing in. There's no teasing now, and Jack fills her to the brim in one smooth, hard thrust, using the leverage of the bar to brace against. "Fuck, Raza. Did you get fuckin' tighter since I had you last?" He half growls the words, rocking back and filling her again, his pace slow - but it won't be that way for long.
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Raza Ekambe
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He slides in an’ boy is it easy goin’; Raza gasps and smiles as she grips the bar, exhaling in a low purr of pleasure. His question makes her chuckle and she looks back over her shoulder again. “Nah, it’s just been so long, you forgot how good it is.” She would have tsk-tsk’ed him, but he’s back in again and the tip of his cock touches that fuckin’ awesome spot. Inhaling sharply, the bronzed bar owner closes her eyes and arches her upper back a little to get a better grip.


So she can match his pace; surging backwards when he moves in, she tries to meet his thrusts with a little somethin’-somethin’ of her hips, rollin’ up and back and tryin’ to hit that spot again and again and again. At least, until he decides to take control or switch it up.
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