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the stories i could tell
Two chunks of mageglass. The air around the Voice hums with magical energy, the potential of which has not been this tangible in years. Two pieces of mageglass, with which the abandoned might have made a stand against the ascended. With which the demigods and the Order might have stopped what the Voice was about to do.

But it was the ascended who triumphed. Nevermind that the Order knew of their plans. Nevermind that one of the demigods wanted to put a stop to her plans.

They had succeeded, just as the Voice knew they would.

In the very core of the Spire itself, the Voice nestles herself amongst brick and mortar and other unseen mechanisms. With the mageglass in her possession, she is able to alter the machine she created nearly three centuries ago.

A beam of light dazzles into the sky from the Spire, illuminating the dark cloud cover with light, and transforming the midnight blacks of nightfall into a day-glow white. The light lingers there for about thirty seconds, before the world descends back into darkness, forever changed.

Thanks to the efforts of Wessex, Amun, Neron, and Nate, the site has been fundamentally changed!

Incoming Outlanders can now ONLY be Accepted or Ascended!

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