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Gathering Spire Obsidian
Nate Wrenzaok
"Doctor" / Guildmaster / Medical Director

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For all the growing they’ve done, it’s still easy to see the childish impulses in his fellow Demi-god. The brightness, the life, the dammed optimism. It would be endearing, if he weren’t in such a shitty mood. ”Can you?” Nate cocks his head, licking his lips as he does. ”Sure. Show me.” Why not? There’s no harm in humouring the kid, especially with the trauma he’s about to dump onto them.

”Thats the reason for some.” Without thinking, his hand lifts to the scar spanning his face, his lips pulling into a somber line. Rage over the Mathair was certainly the reason for that mark. ”But not everyone.” For others, it was pure bigotry, though the explanation dies on how tongue for two reasons. The first being Azrael’s admission of talking to the fae, Nate’s brows rising in surprise and concern both.

The second is realization that the dropped obsidian has landed squarely on Azrael’s foot. Even if they don’t feel pain, it’s less than ideal, Nate scrambling to his feet to help move the obsidian away, kneeling like there’s something he can do for shattered bones and finding himself made unnecessary. A familiar blue glow crackles in the spire, surging under him to target the others foot. ”Now that’s wonderful.” He compliments after a shocked moment, his revulsion of magical healing warring his throat with relief that he won’t have to face down an irate Bastien.
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Azrael De Rosieres

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I can!” They chime before they grow incredibly distracted by the horrors that Nate explains. The gesture to his face doesn’t go unnoticed by them, not as their eyes follow the line that bisects Nate’s face, to the missing space where the other eye should be. “Did they attack you?” They ask, nodding their head to Nate’s face, dark brows drawn in quiet confusion and minute horror.

But the obsidian drops onto their foot and the other demigod is at their side in an instant, knelt before them to peer at their foot once he’s removed the obsidian. Azrael does nothing more than watch Nate as they activate their upgrade, letting it flicker and fix the foot that had been damaged. When they’re done, the electricity leaves them both in the darkness of the spire with Azrael’s gaze lingering on Nate.

I used it a lot during LongNight. I… Passed out, actually.” There’s a small, embarrassed smile that crosses their face. “I’ve never done that before so it was a bit scary. And when I woke up LongNight was over.
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