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Notices appear everywhere. (Imagine they did, it would be too much effort to actually write them on every Notice Board). The Hollowed Grounds; the Greatwood; Halo; Torchline; Stormbreak. Even places where there are no people find papers pinned to trees or buried in the sand or floating, bobbing in bottles along the Arclight ocean.

You are invited to a party! Meadowreach, King's End. Sunset.

And when you arrive? Why, there is a party! Stalls have been set up for games and food and drinks, and music warbles from somewhere, though you aren't quite sure of the origin or the type. The dying light of day casts a beautiful and warm light over everything, casting the meadow of sweet grasses and flowers in shades of yellow and amber.

Already the smell of cooking meats fill the air, of spun sugar and caramel, of spices and crackling fires. Children weave between the legs of those already present - and there are a lot of people already present.

Meadowreach is a bustling harmony of life and cheer - and You Are Invited!

Welcome to the LongHeat SWE! This will run until the end of the season. Feel free to have your character show up and enjoy the party - however they decide to get to Meadowreach is up to you.
Ronin Taliesin
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They arrive on a mix of nimbus and wings. His cloud will only hold two, so the Lullaby and the Star take it in turns sitting with their son. But one way or another, Mateo is going to the party, and that means Remi and Ronin are coming as well. As they touch down, the boy is already distracted by the sights and sounds, wriggling as Ronin lifts him off the nimbus to set him down. "You know the drill," he tells Mateo - he stays in sight of either Ronin or Remi, and if anything goes wrong, scream blue murder and they'll show up.

With Mateo on solid ground, Ronin straightens up and smiles over his shoulder at Remi "Want to pretend everything is fine for the day?" he asks, holding out a hand for him. "We can try all the food, sit in the grass, and I can flirt with you obnoxiously?" He doesn't know about the alchemist, but it suits him just fine.
Jack Barclay
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Jack has never been this far into King's End before. The Ark has been anchored somewhere just beyond the Boondocks, where she'll be safe from the same fate that befell the other shipwrecks in the area, and he - along with all the others who have decided to hitch a ride with him - are free to make their way to Meadowreach from there.

It might be a party, but it's all too fucking wholesome for his liking, and his first stop is at a drinks stand where he can get something cold and with a high liquor content to make this remotely worth it. Next, he finds a shady tree to sit beneath and a deck of cards to shuffle. If anyone wants Jack, he'll be making his own fun - and watching everything like a hawk - until something more interesting happens.
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Jack being an Abandoned is common knowledge these days, however his Telepathy remains a well-kept secret.
Remi Taliesin
the Lullaby

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While the Star is charming and cool, the alchemist is tightly wound and on edge. Glaring about at each and every person arriving by their various means, it certainly doesn’t take an attuned bond or anything stronger than a simple glance in his direction to see that he’s anything but settled. I do not like this. He grumbles silently, having to resist the urge to remain shifted if only so that he might keep himself wound around his husband. When was the last time we were all gathered together like this? He wonders, slipping his arm around Ronin’s waist and tugging the Star close to him.

“Do you even know how to flirt without being obnoxious about it?” Remi says out loud, as if this will help at all maintain a semblance of pretending that things are indeed fine. “Wait. Do not answer that.” He adds with a stiff smile. “I want obnoxious.”
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Seren Taliesin

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It was a good thing for her that she had been in the Grounds when the notice was posted, or she might have missed the whole thing. As it was, Seren still had to make use of every trick she had available to cross Kings End in time to join the festival. Party? Whichever. As it turns out, Umbra could fly really fast even when she dangled weightless from his claws, and it had overall been quite the enjoyable experience.

Wind-tossed and rosy-cheeked, she came tumbling into the party and almost immediately stumbled on her family.
"Dad! Remi!" she beamed and hurried up to join them. "What is this, do either of you have any idea who's hosting this? It's such a lovely idea and I have no clue whom to thank for the invite."

Looking around, as if the mysterious benefactor might appear just because she spoke of them, she was relieved to see that she wasn't late. People were still trickling in, one by one and in droves. Then her gaze stopped on a small, wriggling figure and Seren felt as though her heart almost stopped.

"M...Mateo?" Looking from the boy to their parents, she forgot all about food, drink and trinkets. This was so much better - she would meet her brother.
Swamp Witch

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A party in the Wilds? This she just had to see.

Mildew arrived dressed in some of her finest clothing; dark grey pants and a rough woven crop top, with flower petals and leaves sewn into the hem. Her hair, as usual bedecked in all kinds of flowers, fungi and other natural detritus, matched wonderfully; she did not wear shoes. All in all, she looked a part of the Wilds, which was how she liked it.

Seeing Remi and Ronin she waved, but Mildew's true first interest was the snack table, to see if there was anything she hadn't tried before. The Demi-Goddess loved new experiences, even the small ones. Unless someone caught her attention, she would be quite content to stand by the table and eat strange combinations for hours.
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Sunjata Wrenzaok
the Flood

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It’s a party. A party Sunjata thinks that both he and Nate desperately need. It has the added perk of getting Kamaria out in the open, even if Sunjata’s a bit on edge about the whole thing. Big parties out in open fields haven’t exactly been good for the majority of them. But it replaces the idea Sunjata had in his mind for a Torchline party, given the fact that there didn’t feel like much was worth celebrating.

So they gather their things, pop through the portal to the Grounds, and Sunjata shifts to give Kamaria and Nate a quick ride toward King’s End, high above the trees and cutting their trek shorter than if they were to travel by foot.

He touches down on the outskirts, lowering himself to the ground and waits patiently for Kamaria and Nate to depart, before he’s shifting back into himself — dressed relatively nicely for a party like this, a buttoned up shirt only halfway open, paired with boots and dark pants. His voice is still wavering between being there and hoarse to disappearing completely, but he’s slowly getting better in other ways. It all just takes time, he supposes.

His hand seeks out Kamaria’s, giving her a light squeeze before he crouches and gives her a hug, nodding toward where he can see others milling about. He spies Seren and thinks it might be worth an introduction of the two sisters, but given how close she is to Remi and Ronin, he thinks better of it for the moment. “Ria, do you see that girl over there?” Angling her so that he might point out Seren, he offers her a soft smile. “That’s your sister, Seren. Do you want to meet her?” He imagines the answer is yes, and the Flood presses a kiss to her temple before he moves to stand, offering a wave to Seren for her to arrive whenever she’s done with her father, Remi, and Mateo.

Sunjata still hangs back though, practically glued to Nate as his attention shifts back to his husband. “What do you think of the party, skatjie?” He asks softly, slipping his arm around Nate’s middle. There’s tension, because of course there is given the fact Sunjata barely trusts anything about this, but otherwise? Otherwise it’s actually quite nice.
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Sunjata speaks with an Australian accent and has a passive magic that makes him produce a subtle scent that matches exactly to whatever those around him most desire him to smell like.
Nate Wrenzaok
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A party. A lifetime ago, Nate would have leapt at the chance for it, would have gotten himself put together in something tight and flattering and draped himself round his husband and pretended. Pretending just came with a few more steps nowadays.

On the surface, Nate seemed cool, at ease in his element, an arm thrown around Sunjata’s shoulders. But his jaw is clenched tightly behind his grin, and his hand shifts restlessly on his husbands shoulders. A newly complete again pair of blue eyes flick over the guests, the amenities provided, and Nate hardens, shifting to plant his feet a little more firmly.

Nate goes impossibly stiller as Sunjata points out the Talieslin clan, gestures towards Seren. He does reach down with his free hand to ruffle her hair though, his smile growing brighter for a moment while he distracted himself.. “Seems like a fun little shindig so far.” He answers Sunjata easily. Though they had only just arrived. Plenty of time for things to go wrong still.
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Mabel Occidendum

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Mabel wasn’t one for parties. Or any celebrations. Get-togethers. Fun times. So she was suitably stunned when she ventured out at the bizarre invitation – wondering, haphazardly, if it was some sort of trap – bridging gaps and crossing paths as the sun slipped behind the trees.

Her memories of Fiat Lux weren’t so distant – even as her eyes peeled over flowers, food she couldn’t eat, crackling fires, children flinging and swinging around (clearly they didn’t recall that festival either) – all the cheer, all the rhapsody, she didn’t feel.

So the youth wandered along the sides, avoiding families and strangers alike; keeping to herself, wondering what the whole point was. If there was something else afoot.
Sah Lovi
the Wild Thunder

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Sah and Lilly arrived on foot, having the left the day that they got the notice. They were both wary, this whole situation bizarre. A gathering this big, for an ominous party? Clearly something was going on behind the scenes. And yet Sah chose to come and see it for himself. Upon arriving, both Abandoned and wolf balk at the massive crowd. It's overwhelming and Sah feels instant regret for coming.

Locking onto the food however as both a distraction and as something to ground himself, he heads over and fills a plate before finding a quit corner to watch the party. Lilly curls up beside him, her eyes wide and curious. Sah does give a small wave to the people he recognizes including Ronin, Seren, and the weird guy from the forest. Sah doesn't approach however as they all seem to be drawn into conversations.
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Ray Lunarium
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When Ray heard about a party in the Wilds, she packed a bag and headed out on foot. Upon arriving, she whistled. It was already crowded and the food smelled fantastic. She gave a smile and wave to those she recognized before meandering through the crowd. The information broker in her is curious to catch snippets of conversations and hear news from around Caido. And so Ray wanders around, snacking on food, and absorbing the atmosphere.

She picks up some rumors and gossip, but mostly just gets highly entertained by people watching. The party is well underway already and some people are beginning to get drunk. This will surely be a fun one with countless stories to recall later.
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Mateo Taliesin

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This is exciting. To say that Mateo is accustomed to at least one of his parents being wound like a tightly coiled spring is probably something that would give a child psychologist a field day, but whatever. As he's set down on the ground and given his boundaries, the boy bobs his head along to Ronin to say that yes, he does know the drill. And at least for now he's taking everything in, lingering close enough for a small hand to have reached up to grab onto one of Remi's pockets, just in case they go anywhere in a hurry.

Only then someone is saying his name all of a sudden, Mateo turning to peep up at the young woman with wide blue eyes and a dimpled smile. He wiggles his fingers in a wave. "Hallo," he announces. "Come fai a sapere il mio nome?"
Maeve Ansel
the Nightshade

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A party in Caido is nothing to turn your nose up at. Especially a party that seems to just appear. Once Maeve got word that Jack was going to sail the Ark over, it seemed smart to catch a ride with him, avoiding the need for more dangerous power. She holds onto Paige's hand, glancing over at Locke as they wander around the area, taking in all the different stalls that filled the space. Strange as it may be, she wasn't going to pass up the chance for a bit of fun before the new season began, "What do you think, Paige? Should we find something to eat first?" She asks the girl, slowing her steps so the child has a moment to think, taking the chance to notice who else was here.

A few familiar faces stand out to her and she offers waves to those she notices, "Oh look! Kamaria is here! As well as Mateo. You can probably go visit them in a little bit." She hums, nodding at both Sunjata and his daughter, offering them each a smile. "Mon amour, let's find something to eat. Then you guys can maybe play for a little bit until her friends are free?"
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She has a British accent when she speaks.
Feel free to use power play on Maeve. Just don't hurt her too badly or kill her.
Paige Berkley

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She's never been out of Torchline before and her momma made things very clear when she agreed to let her go with Auntie Maeve and Mr. Locke. Mind her manners, no running off, and stay out of trouble. Easier said than done, but the girl has tried her best to behave. Otherwise she might not ever get to go on a trip like this again. She keeps a hold of Maeve's hand, trailing after her with bright eyes, looking this way and that at all the different booths that fill the meadow. There is food, games, and so many people. Some of them are from Torchline like her, but there are many she's never seen before.

Still, she waves at Kamaria and Mr. Sunjata, smiling brightly at the girl before looking back to Maeve. "Food first! I'm starving." She declares, turning to look up at Locke instead, eyes wide and the perfect mix of puppy dog, knowing that's the way to get him. "Can we have sweets?"
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