Got Bread?
for Jyawnee

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A small child sat on a small, old dock, laughing and throwing crumbs into the water. Small fish greedily tore at the small pieces, a frenzy that was over in seconds. Shortly after, the child would throw a piece in again and start the process all over. Johnny watched from the depths as this happened before finally decided he wanted in on this action. He waited patiently for the next morsel of bread to be tossed before he darted up, his jaws opening wide to reveal sharp teeth. He got to the bread before any of the smaller, lesser fish had a chance.

The child screamed, but Johnny simply waited for more bread. They considered this for a moment, and then tossed in another piece of bread. Johnny chomped that down too. The child laughed and giggled. Soon enough, this became the new game: a free food type of game Temporarily, the two had a cycle of silence, followed by bread throwing, followed by Johnny getting bread, then child laughter, and then silence again. It didn't last for too long and eventually when the child had run out of bread, they waved to Johnny and walked on off.

"Wait!" he called after the child, who was long gone by now. He raised his arms up, took a big breath and raised himself out of the water. "HEY!" he called out, but got no response. The merman stayed out of the water for only as long as he couldn't hold his breath before lowering himself back. Frustrated and bread-less, he blew bubbles and stared up. Maybe the child would come back.

Maybe they'd come back with more bread!
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There’s no rush in Nate’s life anymore. It’s nice, honestly, makes him feel like he has the time to actually wrap up all his loose ends before leaving Torchline. A handful of those loose ends congregate at the markets, merchants he’s grown close with, people he doesn’t want to simply leave behind.

He’s halfway through promising to come back and visit his favourite fruit woman when a shout echoes from the direction of the water, drawing his gaze interest better than the earlier scream had. Nate excuses himself and snags a snack as he wanders towards the docks.

It’s curiosity that drives Nate to the edge of the dock, and coincidence that has an orange sitting in his hand, his fingers working under the peel in a distracted, unhurried way. He leans over the water when he gets to the end, over-extending carelessly as he searches for the source of the shouting.
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