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In Caido there is no season of loooooove, you'd be surprised to know. Why? Because Frey decides whenever and wherever they want to declare such a season. Like right here and right now, for instance. A sweet and enticing aroma twists through the air around the Wishtide Waterways, the scent carrying all the way out into Torchline and beyond. And should any wayward traveller come a'sniffing, they'll find a lovely little scene.

Nestled along the various, ribbon like shores are... tiny tables? With red gingham tablecloths, flowers and candles? How adorable! Not as adorable as Frey, of course, who bathes resplendently in the sparkling waters, adorned in the treasures and seeming all too pleased with themselves. "Take a seat, sugar plums!" they declare. "Let's do a little matchmaking."

Welcome to a cutesy little matchmaking event, courtesy of Frey! Get your singles (or not, ooh naughty) in within the next 48 hours! This will count as a god interaction with Frey for levelling purposes, though whether positive or negative is entirely up to you...

Note: Kid characters are welcome - this is a cute lurrrrve event rather than a sexy times one. Though if your characters do want to get it on in threads that branch off, that's your choice!
Swamp Witch

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Caught in the middle of a hundred and five
If Frey was having an event in her neck of the woods, Mildew simply had to be there, right? While she wasn't particularly interested in sparking a romance with one of the many extremely young (like, under 100) people that would come, it was sure to be an entertaining time, with lots of things to observe and take note of. Had love changed in the years she'd been away? Were there any new, exciting ways to show one's affection?

"Oh, this is lovely!" She exclaimed as she arrived, taking a seat and smiling widely at her patron God. Mildew herself had taken some care to her appearance, at least in her own way: the beetles in her hair shone with iridescent sheen, mingled in with colourful flowers that cascaded down to her mid-back with the blonde and brown curls. "I can't wait to see who shows up."
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Lena Magnus
Celestine Caretaker

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and sweetest in the gale is heard
and sore must be the storm
The Caretaker had been exploring – curiosity had always been her calling, a notebook already well versed in her pack. To say she’d been enticed into further inquiry would be an understatement, lured easily, perhaps foolishly, through the depths of the Oerwoud and along the Wishtide Waterways. Given more opportunity to wander, she would’ve lingered within the pools or amongst the twists and turns of the world itself – but there were other scenes available.

Like Frey. Tiny tables. Flowers. Candles. All neatly and adorably arranged – practically a lure, a beacon, for her to come and sit. Without thought to why, Lena was carried along whims, waving to Mildew in her friendly, amicable manner, before taking a seat. “This is wonderful,” she announced with an effervescent grin, already adorned with flowers in her hair. And some dirt covering her dress from earlier travels.
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Curious as ever, Chrys couldn't just ignore the new, unfamiliar scent she noticed as she surfaced near the coast. She followed it up the streams and into the Overwoud. Though it took her a bit to navigate the streams, she finally arrived at the source of the scent. A scene both surprising and exciting at the same time. Tiny tables, candles, and more.

Although Chrys wasn't interested in a lengthy romance, the idea of a matchmaking event sounded fun. She'd see if the people on land did dating and relationships differently than her people did.

Swimming a bit closer, she smiled and waved to the ones already present. "I want to take part as well!" she exclaimed. Then, continuing with a laugh and a shrug: "But I can't take a seat; I hope that's okay?" As if to put emphasis on her claim, she twirled around in the water, the jellyfish hood around her hips rising like a dress during a pirouette.
If Chrys uses the attuned bond/mermaid telepathy to communicate, assume she also transfers her current emotional state unless stated otherwise.
Mateo Taliesin

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This is weird, which means it's (of course) right up Mateo's street. He's followed the sweet scent through the jungle, wearing shorts and a loose t-shirt to stop his shoulders getting sunburnt (again) and there's a brightness to his blue eyes that suggests he wants to find a bigger adventure than the one that appears to him. Still, hiccupping in a breath, he somehow manages to not freak out at the sight of Frey - because that is Frey, right?

And they're having... a picnic. Oh. Okay. Plopping down at one of the tables and reaching out to inspect the flowers to see what kind they are, he merely listens in to try and figure out what the others are up to. It's a weird picnic with no food.

Everest Hart

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To Ever, Frey looks a bit like his mom and dad at the same time. The deity is all warm smiles and kind eyes, which should be reassuring but instead just makes the boy feel uncertain. Luckily for the children, there's no blatant sexuality radiating from Frey as there would be with the adults but Ever feels unhappy about it all just the same.

Having followed Mateo here (read: tracked, he was practicing), the dark shepherd pushes his nose against his friend's back and lets out a low whine. He couldn't speak with Mateo in this form, but the pair were getting better at their human-dog charades. Trying to curl up into as small of a ball as he can manage, which is getting harder and harder the more he grows, Ever flattens his large ears against his skull and does his best rock-dog impersonation.
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Darkeye Dwartonarm

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Not the strongest win the battle —
That smell was interesting for Darkeye. He had been in the jungle to hunt, but now his curiosity was triggered. So the hunt was over for him. He followed the smell deeper into the jungle, ready to defend himself if he got attacked. As he came closer, the smell got more intense. And then he stood among the tables near the stream. He looked at the women and the boy who were there. This was where the smell was coming from. "Hello, sorry I don't know what is happening here but I just followed the smell. I can go if I disturb you. I don't want to harm anyone." He lowered the spear and waited to get an explanation about this.
But if nobody sent him away, he would sit down at one of the tables as well.
— the smartest do
Hotaru Kaito
the Valkyrie

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What if we're all just sleeping satellites
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What is a matchmaking session without a jaded romantic? Probably more enjoyable, let’s be honest, but Ru hasn’t cared for crashing parties (or weddings) in the past so why start now? Admittedly the scent is what draws her but it’s Frey presiding over the growing gathering that keeps her intrigued enough to stay.

Arriving behind a man with a striking beard whose apologies are gruff but surprisingly eloquent, Hotaru glides to his side and offers a quirk of her lips. “I’m sure you’re welcome dear, it looks as if Frey is throwing an event of some kind.” Clearly one that is not based in the more lustful corners of their domain if the children present are any indication. Hotaru doesn’t recognize anyone else so she gives a parting smile and takes a seat at one of the adorable tables to await further instructions.
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Locke Moore

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What started off as a fun family outing had turned into the trio wandering down the waterways. Edmund was currently on Locke's back, lest his nice little pants get dirty. (Because gods forbid the little prince get stolen away by the water.) He sees the little tables all spread out and Frey looking like only Frey can look. He slowly sets Edmund down, ducking his head to the god. He still likes Frey, quite a bit actually. He's not sure how he feels about a match making thing but he's curious, at least a little bit.

And who knows, maybe he'll get paired up with Maeve or something. "Doesn't hurt to have a little fun, right?" He gives Edmund a little grin before turning to Maeve. Curious who we'll get.
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Feel free to hurt/maim Locke. No killing without asking though! Magic use within that is welcome!
Maeve Ansel
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I get them all worked up and down on their knees, you see
The little prince getting dirty would be the least of their worries it seems. Maeve holds on loosely to Locke's arm as they walk along the shore, curiosity tugging them deeper into the jungle until they come across Frey. It's a version of Locke lounging in the water except there are wings of jet black sprouting from the deity's back, the tips of the feathers dipping into the water and she feels her cheeks flush the way they always do in the herlad's presence. "Perhaps you'll make a few new friends, my starlight." Maeve encourages her son when she spots a few children already gathering around.

Locke's voice slips into her mind and she hums, a smirk curling on her lips as jade eyes cut his way, leaning in to steal a quick kiss and letting him feel a curl of heat along the bond as she pulls back. One can only hope we'll get each other. It's been a while since we've had a date.
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Feel free to use power play on Maeve. Just don't hurt her too badly or kill her.
Edmund Ansel

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Edmund waves enthusiastically at Frey as he arrives with his parents, "Hi!" It's very exciting to see one of Caido's gods for the first time. Even more so when said deity is holding a friend-making event. The child nods at his mum's words, eyes going to the other kids. "I hope so, Mummy."

The kids that have already arrived are all strangers to the small Abandoned and it makes him just a tiny bit nervous. Edmund wants to make friends, truly. But it is a bit overwhelming to meet so many new people all at once. The child reaches up and straightens the collar of his shirt a bit. He had to make a good first impression if he wanted to make friends!
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Sah Lovi
the Wild Thunder
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Sah wasn't sure why he was here if her were to be honest. With everything currently going on, romance was the last thing on his mind. Though it was something he would like at some point. The idea of having a partner certainly appealed to the Outlander. Though he wasn't sure he was ready for such a thing, even if there wasn't a war looming.

Still, it was a nice change of pace and a chance to make some more friends. Those made his presence justifiable and Sah found himself making the trip. He gives nods to those he recognizes upon arrival, though he does pull Hotaru into a warm hug when he sees her. Finding a cozy spot in the shade of a tree, Sah settles in to wait and see what Frey has in store.
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Sunjata Wrenzaok
the Flood
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the flood
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The scent is certainly what distracts him first, along with the curiosity of something that seems so immediately Frey that Sunjata can’t help but to join in with. After all, he hasn’t had a moment to go and seek out his herald over recent events, nor known how to exactly bring it up, but he still is one of their demigods. So surely that means he has to show, right?

He doesn’t expect it to be some sort of match-making event. But he does tug on Nate’s elbow, a small smile blossoming on his face as they arrive to see just what the fuss is all about. A few familiar faces are around and Sunjata’s gaze dances between them all before landing on his herald. There’s a dip of his chin in both greeting and a small amount of appreciation – nothing so far to suggest that he should be worried about the Ascended being here.

So Sunjata finds his way to an empty table, taking a seat, flashing a small playful and toothy smirk to his husband. “Matchmaking, huh? I’m pretty sure I can’t get a better match than you.” He rumbles, lips twitching more into a genuine smile from the smirk, a hint of a flush coloring his freckled cheeks.
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Sunjata speaks with an Australian accent and has a passive magic that makes him produce a subtle scent that matches exactly to whatever those around him most desire him to smell like.
Azrael De Rosieres

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They’ve never met Frey. They’ve never been to an event like this or a place like this either. It wasn’t even the scent that had drawn them in – their senses dull as they are – but it was the amount of people that seemed to be heading in the same direction that intrigues them. So they follow behind, a bit shy and reclusive, slipping toward the gathering as they hear what it’s about. A matchmaking event, for what they don’t really know.

But they’re good at following instructions and they do find a seat, their gaze flitting between the herald and those that have arrived – spotting only a couple of familiar faces, wondering if this was a good idea for them to even be here. It seemed like it was an Old Gods event anyway, perhaps… Perhaps it was a mistake.

Ah, but it’s too late now.
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