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  • Fire magic all the way upgraded
  • Add lightning magic and upgrade it
  • Fire and lightning resistance
  • Shield that is held on the arm, name it Gaucho, it has fire and sun appearances and design aspects. Maybe 1 special attack that does a wall of fire from when it strike something?
  • Greataxe that does piercing damage and lightning damage, name it Ampere, it has lightning appearances and design aspects. Maybe 1 special attack where it marks whatever it hit and will blast it with lightning a few times?
  • 3-5 Dagger set that does piercing damage, look like bird feathers, can find target no matter what (think magic missile spell from bg3)
  • Necklace/collar that allows the wearer to breathe fire up to x distance, name it Dragon's Throat, it maybe has a kiss curse effect because also deals the wearer mild fire damage?
  • Custom magic - lighthouse - can emit or imbue something temporarily to emit light for a decent length of time. Alternatively maybe able to adjust its brilliance? Maybe it can heal or do aoe damage?
  • Custom magic - splinter - can summon bits of wood to form a floating shield around his body that deal damage to anyone that strikes with a melee attack.

Resurrection idea for the site maybe (bruh I'm scared to enter a KQ and die). Costs a shit ton of MP to buy a res scroll? Able to ask a god to resurrect but in return have to sacrifice something major? Maybe your character can resurrect but they lose 5 levels? If they dont have 5 levels someone can sacrifice their 5 levels to res someone? Could tie in with new entropy god theme as explanation for why it wasnt a thing before?

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