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Maea Valair

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I talked to God to no avail

Said, "If you won't save me, please don't waste my time."

It had come to the point where Maea had to hide just to get a moment for herself. The farm, the Guild and her Council projects was eating up every second of daylight, most of her meal times and a good portion of the evenings as well. The strain of doing too much was beginning to show; her thin frame was tightening with muscles she never used to have, the face slimming and cheeks turning hollow, matching the bags under her eyes in making her look more and more like a ghost. Especially on a night like this, where a thick mist was creeping in from the surrounding fields and turned the crumbling ruins of the ancient city  into fantastical sculptures, and she wore Ludo's ragged scarf pulled up över the hair to stave off the damp chill. It was quiet, calm, and could have been peaceful, but Maea had been wary of lingering outdoors at night ever since she was cornered by an Ascended.

Having stolen an hour for herself to practice with the sword, she was making her way back to the Settlement when something caught her eye in the gloom up ahead, where the pale Bone Bridge arched up and over the chasm. That in itself was remarkable enough, and made all the more so because of the location. Maea stopped at the foot of the bridge and peered ahead, her fingers tightening around the wooden practice sword. Was it a figure, or just the fog playing tricks on her?

"Hello? Someone there?" she called out, voice low and laced with caution.

Permission granted for magic/violence, short of killing.
Unless otherwise stated, Maea is always wearing Ludo's Rags around her shoulders.
Beatrix Launceleyn

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Oh indeed, someone was there skulking around. Beatrix was bored with a capital ‘B-O-R-E-D’. Aunt Edy was working and mom was…well mom. Jace was too little to be any fun. So that left her to her own devices…which as a nine-year-old Launceleyn tended to be cruel and destructive. Today’s game of the day would be…scaring people! Hahaha yessss it would be very fun to see people scream and run away. Bonus points if they peed their pants.

Too bad Aunt Edy wasn’t here. She would have liked this game.

To make it more fun Beatrix foundstole some scrap black fabric and wrapped it about herself. Apparently there was some person named Ludo who was real scary and wore black rags, so she would too! Beatrix scampered off then to the Bone Bridge, which was already a pretty scary place to begin with she thought. Plus the mist would give her great cover! And much to her luck, just as she darted into the cover of said mist, someone appeared and called out. Good, good, this would be fun. Beatrix pulled the fabric up over her head to obscure her face, before darting from one side of the bridge to the other in a curve pattern, so for but a second Maea would see a flutter of black fabric accompanied by the pitter patter of feet before it disappeared into the mist again.

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