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An icy jewel nestled along Halo’s northern border, the Citadel is a large and thriving civilisation. The city walls are steep (some 35ft high) and well guarded, and a magical dome protects against any inclement weather. Within, a Frey-forged greenhouse ensures that delicacies from across Caido are available to all citizens. Food and fuel is plentiful, and comfort is easily found here.

The Citadel also contains the following: Rainbow Gate | If activated by a character with Halovian citizenship, the rainbow gate can target 1 60ft sphere anywhere within Halo. Protects those within for 2 posts. Requires a 5 post cooldown between uses. Must be deactivated by a character with Halovian citizenship.

Stronghold | If activated by a member of Halo's council (including appointed positions), the Citadel walls will rebound 100pts of damage upon anyone/thing that strikes them. Requires a 5 post cooldown between uses. Must be deactivated by a member of Halo's council (including appointed positions).

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Situated in the centre of the Citadel, with spires and turrets piercing the sky for a view that spans miles in all directions, one would not be blamed for thinking that the Palace was made of ice. A structure of clear, sharp lines, glass and stone and snow, it is the largest edifice in the Citadel by far, and home to Halo's seat of power. (Admin Note: the Palace is also home to a skyport, allowing travel to other skyports within Caido.)
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An ornate shrine created as a way to offer thanks to the old gods for sparring those within the Citadel the harsh conditions of the Tundra.
Bustling around the Palace like an embrace, the town of Snowcloak is where the majority of those living in the Citadel call home. Hunters are considered heroes here, bringing back meat and fur and fuel for the people, as well as ensuring that any monsters stay far from the Citadel gates. Due to an old tradition, it is considered a crime to allow a fire to burn out in Snowcloak.
Monster Hunter's Guild
A lively inn turned guildhall for the Monster Hunters stands among the streets of the Citadel, anyone who enters is welcomed by the crackling in the fireplace, a radiant hearth that fills the room with warmth and light. The main floor is full of tables for big gatherings and meetings, a pantry, and a storeroom for armor and weapons. Upstairs there’s a library and artifact room for the monster hunter’s finds, spare bedrooms, and the guildmaster’s study.

The Citadel
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