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Lined with tiki torches that glow white and cool during the day and yellow and warm at night, the Ahi Coast is always alight with fire and song. White-sand beaches stretch towards the bordering jungle or disappear into the crystal-clear waters of the ocean.

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Kaiholo Port
Always rife with activity, you'll find those with sticky fingers, silver tongues, and golden smiles abound here. Merchants, pirates, and travellers all find their way to this port eventually. During the day everyone is friendly enough, but be wary of the business ventures that take place here when the sun sets. Kaiholo is also home to a SKYPORT! This allows travel between Torchline and Stormbreak, but only for Accepted and Attuned. The dock for the skyport has been created using Safrin-made bolts, and any Ascended to set foot upon it will experience a sensation as if their bones are vibrating uncomfortably.
a little help along the w... :: Yesterday, 02:57 AM :: by Cordelia
Hale Ka’aila
During certain times of the day when the tide is out, a sand bar is visible leading to a beautiful mini-cathedral of seaglass and coral. When the wind blows through the most haunting and playful melodies can be heard. Large enough for only two or so to comfortably sit within, this structure appears far too perfect to have been created naturally
Crossing the Bar :: 08-06-2021, 05:52 PM :: by Gideon
The Rainbow Road
The Ahi Coastline bleeds away into volcanic and sponge-like gray rock. Everywhere you look, colour is strewn about, breathtaking mixtures that reflect against intricate pools of water. Every few minutes, a gust of sound is heard, tickling pleasantly against the ears. A little searching unearths the culprit, extravagant earthen mounds painted in vibrant, lurid colours that seem to bleed together. Multitudes of geysers, spraying water and steam into the air intermittently, pepper the land before you. They are vibrant and sporadic, welcoming you to the land with mesmerizing spouting displays.
{SE} why don't you hit me... :: Yesterday, 01:19 AM :: by Maeve
A lighthouse created of pale stone stands sentinel upon the coastline, rising up three stories. Lit by magic at the top, legend warns that should the light ever go out, Torchline will fall into the sea.
(SE) with a thousand lies... :: 01-10-2022, 05:26 PM :: by Locke
Miana Pool
A naturally occurring pool just a few meters out from the coastline. Merfolk and fisherpeople alike believe that if you make a wish and toss a brightly coloured stone into the pool, it will be taken by the evening tides and dropped down to L'ma's lair far below. Those who offer the most beautiful stones will find their wishes granted.
[se] these years of infin... :: 2 hours ago :: by Deimos
Far down the Ahi Coast, a hidden pathway leads to a small opening halfway down a rocky cliff. Inside, there is a shrine dedicated to the Voice/new gods. There is an altar at the back of the cave, made out of metal and stone. On it is a lovingly carved obsidian statue of a young woman standing tall, lightning clutched in her hands.

Ahi Coast
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