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A vast archipelago, so named for the lights that burn along its shores, this cluster of islands is deceivingly large (including the water, almost 1200km wide, in fact!) Crossing the entire area would take just over 60 days in total. The region is home to Caido's busiest port, Kaiholo, famed for its shipmakers, fishermen and smugglers, as well as the remarkable, semi-floating city of Haulani. Beyond the coast, ships dropping anchor can make trade with the merfolk, or merely admire their shimmering city deep below.

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Ahi Coast
Lined with tiki torches that glow white and cool during the day and yellow and warm at night, the Ahi Coast is always alive with fire and song. White-sand beaches stretch towards the city of Haulani, or else disappear into the crystalline waters of the ocean.
In the name of the sound ... :: 2 hours ago :: by Ronin
The largest city in Torchline is a feat of magic and construction in equal measure. The events of the Second War have raised half of Haulani into the clouds; the top of the city is now about 1km above sea level. Many streets and buildings have been constructed on stilts to bridge the land and sky-based areas; a steep climb, fences and foliage cover the perimeters to prevent accidental falls. Warm, welcoming and ever-so-dangerous, Haulani is home to some of the best fishing fare in Caido and promises riches and wishes to those who like to gamble.
the bright lights led me :: 12 minutes ago :: by Isla
Arclight Ocean
Pale turquoise in its shallows to a deep, swallowing blue deeper out at sea, the Arclight Ocean is so named for the bands of concentric light that seem to scatter across the water when the sun sets. No one knows what causes this phenomenon, but myths abound - from merfolk to magic to old and ancient technology.
All the stars have fallen... :: Today, 05:49 AM :: by Jude