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The largest city in Torchline is the perfect kind of paradise. Warm, welcoming and ever-so-dangerous, the natives will hold the door open for you whilst picking your pockets. Home to some of the best fishing fare in Caido and promising riches and wishes to those who like to gamble, Haulani never wants you to leave.

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Notice Board
For notices, bounties, updates, and the like.
Notice Board :: 03-23-2021, 01:06 AM :: by NPC
The Hanged Man
Set on the beach and walled in with palm trees, The Hanged Man is enchanted so that regardless of the time of day or weather, it always appears to be dusk within with a light sea-breeze.
there's diamonds on the s... :: 04-08-2021, 05:12 AM :: by Sunjata
Rae's Fingers
An intricate series of tunnels created by the flow of lava into the sea exists beneath all of Torchline. Used commonly by smugglers to fence ill-gotten gains, these tunnels are used almost explicitly by those with less than honourable intentions in mind. Careful though, only those who can read the smugglers-code will be able to navigate the tunnels and the hidden directions on the walls. Those who can't will likely find themselves lost and then drowned when the tide comes in.
Lost and Found :: 04-07-2021, 10:00 PM :: by Phoebe
Overlooking the town lies Apopo, a long dormant volcano which gives rich fertility to the land around it. Home to the Governor's Townhouse, this enormous mountain has not erupted in centuries, they say.
The Halenani
The Halenani is a large, multi-floor building off the main street of Haulani. Surrounded by palm trees and well tended gardens, the air is always filled with sweet aromas. A wrap around porch and upper deck occasionally have visitors and prostitutes lounging, and inside dark floors offset light, luscious furnishings. Upon entering, payment arrangements must be made with the Madame before proceeding much further - though you might earn yourself a discount if you mind your manners. The first and second floor are lined with soundproofed rooms that are both the place of business and personal residence of individual prostitutes. Adorned as they wish, each have large, plush four poster beds, a button to activate Frey's odorless perfume which lowers inhibitions and is used only at client discretion, and a security bell pull to alert the Madame and guards to unruly customers. Perhaps most importantly, the entire brothel and its furnishings are magically clean and sanitized despite the sordid activities that take place within. An outbuilding behind the brothel, tucked away amongst the foliage, offers the prostitutes a communal living space with bathrooms and stocked kitchen. The attic floor is the Madame's personal apartment and off limits to guests without permission.
tell me your secrets and ... :: 7 minutes ago :: by Finn
Jail house
Modified from an old house, the jail of Torchline isn’t huge for this reason. But it’s outfitted with a holding cell, a few other smaller ones for those who might spend a bit longer than just a night within, and in the front a smaller section that’s barricaded from the back cells as a sort of office space.
At the base level of this building, the room has been split into three equal parts. One side built for training, with punching bags that hang from the ceiling. In the center sits a sandy boxing ring. And off to the other side, a seating area and a small kitchenette that leads to an office space tucked beside a stairwell.
[OPEN] killer in the home :: 04-09-2021, 09:10 AM :: by Adam
Wren Society
A warm, homey building filled with everything one could ever need to be supported. Food, open beds, and donated items of clothing fill the front room, while classrooms and more supplies fills the rooms past the front desk.

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