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Leafchange Seasonal Event!

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Leafchange. A time for something... different. A time to shake things up a bit, like the last leaves from a tree before the Deepfrost.

Bridges have been built, however tentatively, however temporarily, between the Fae and those who inhabit the Hollowed Grounds. And so... you are invited.

Not cordially, no. Not exactly. But invited nonetheless. And what an honour it is, for Fae and non-Fae alike!

Welcome, warriors, to The Cloister of Trials.

This is the Seasonal Event for LeafChange 309! The Fae of the Greatwood are hosting their annual Cloister of Trials, and for the very first time, they have opened their (sword)arms to outsiders. How lucky you are!

This Seasonal Event will last from July 1 - August 31 and will run in two parts! BY AUGUST 1ST, you must complete the following:
  • Sign up for the Cloister of Trials (should you wish to participate) in {Mini Event} Roll Up, Roll Up

  • 2 Training threads (these must be Leafchange threads - you may not recycle Training threads from previous seasons)

Then, stand by for the cloister to open... :O

More than one of your characters may participate, but the threads do not carry across! (I.E. Both characters must complete all threads to proceed).

The winner (yes, only ONE winner) of the Cloister of Trials shall receive +2 stats of their choice and the legend title: Greatwood Guardian

Good luck and enjoy!

Two new species have been added to the guidebook!

Wonder Puddles: After a long rain, rather remarkable puddles form in the Greatwood. When they are looked into they do not reveal one's reflection, but something else entirely. It might be a nightmare, a silly vision of you doing something strange, a wish you want to come true, or anything else! They last but mere moments, though the fae believe that these puddles have great prophesying properties when interpreted correctly.

The Whispershore Wader: is a long-beaked bird, not unlike a domestic chicken in stature and it is named for its beautiful, thick feathers which are coloured like the gemstones of Whispershore. They are most commonly found in the reeds along The Stonesong during LeafChange and are intelligent, persistent, and cursed with an insatiable appetite. This greedy creature is easily charmed with freshly caught fish and has a tendency to follow fisherman (or anyone), and raid their catch.
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