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It is dark, this Leafchange evening - and yet the little seaglass cathedral is thick with the glow of bobbing lights. Will-o-wisps, for the most part, but some might seem brighter than others; rogue orbs racing off across the water of their own accord. Souls, mayhaps? Who knows?

And the sand, it whistles and whips with the sound of a child's laughter. Ludo's presence in the Hale Ka'aila is unusual to say the least, but any Torchliner worth their salt will know that this is not an event one would want to miss. Lucky for anyone not from these parts, the citizens are the easygoing and talkative sort.

Word spreads quickly.

This ME is open to all and is a requirement for {SWE} in loving memory!

This can count as a SHRINE VISIT if you need one, or a RE/God encounter!
Jigano Silversmith
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Jigano had been visiting rarely, but the ocean continued to call to him, a siren song of unknown deeps and watery mysteries just beyond his reach. He wanted to explore it, to learn more of this world that had become his home, but there was always something holding him back. The knowledge that he didn't quite belong...

And yet. He tested the waves a little further every time.

This evening was no different, though this time there was a purpose to his visit; rumors picked up from excited folk in Haulani had led him here, lantern on his hip and interest in his eyes, and he couldn't help but laugh in return at the familiar sight of will-o-wisps. Isuma reeped gleefully and flew after one, and the bard followed her towards the cathedral, eager to see what would unfold.
Sunjata Senzaok

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the flood
holding back the flood,
in this skyscraper town
Word spreads quickly indeed.

At least this time he’s had the sense to bandage his side before it became too much, trying to keep it all together and refrain from opening wounds again. His hand is still bruised but not nearly as broken as it had before, and bruises splatter along his chest from the argument with Amalia and some residuals from his brawl with Ronin. But it’s dark out, and he’s hoping to use it to his advantage. A shirt that covers most of his tattoos as well as most of the wounds is what he arrives in, as well as a pair of pants to keep the chill away.

He nearly turns away at the sight of the will o wisps, but Haai catches sight of Isuma immediately and devolves any of that plan, happily chasing after the other griffin while Sunjata does his best to try and ignore everything around him, focused too much on the cathedral and the lights therein.
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Remi Taliesin
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Watch for me, Ludo had said. And so the alchemist had.

Tawny wings carried him easily across the sea towards the shining cathedral of coral and colour, but rather than be transfixed by the beauty of it, the hawk's eyes were focused solely on the rags that floated nearby. On the gaunt and dark-eyed child he knew lingered somewhere therein.

Perching upon one of the spires, Remi simply watched making no attempt to great anyone else who might arrive (those who recognized him in this shape, anyways). Keeping his mind free of expectations or assumptions, the pale hawk simply did as he'd been vaguely instructed all those weeks prior.

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Maea Valair

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She had stolen precious time to escape from Academy lessons and self-appointed tasks to visit the memorial she and Jigano had helped Remi build. To honor souls lost at sea, maybe pray and spend some time on her own, to think. Clear her mind, try to feel anything except lost and lonely.

But her intentions were thwarted, already after stepping through the portal from Halo. Rumors abounded about the appearance of Mort's Herold on Hale Ka'aila, and it immediately caught Maea's attention. Intending to go there anyway, she hurried herself along, and found that not only were the rumors true, they had reached other people as well. Jigano was already there, with Isuma in tow... yet there were only two figures that drew her attention.

Ludo's dark, ragged appearance, sparking loving affection in her heart... and Sunjata's looming figure. Even in the dark, the man stood out, far too large to miss.

Maea slowed her pace, hesitating. Torn between a desire to go straight to the Flood to be by his side... and a desperate need to hide. Her blood felt turned to water in the limbs, hot and prickly, her face stiff with conflicting emotions - love, longing, loss, regret and pain and an awkwardness that had never been there before.

In the end, she angled herself towards Ludo, her hands plucking at the folds of the shawl it had given her before. Kept her face turned to the masked god - though she remained painfully aware of Sunjata's presence. Couldn't overlook it, no matter that she tried.

Shii bobbed and pulsed its light in excitement at seeing the other will-o-wisps, and zipped off to join them. Made a tight lap around Ludo in familiar greeting, before moving on to dance with its kin.
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The news of a god making an appearance in Torchline had spread like wildfire. Even without knowing the name of whom it was, Oliver would've jumped on the opportunity, despite all of his bad interactions with gods, but when he heard it was a cloaked figure? He especially chose to seek out the god. There was little he knew about Ludo, only that Jigano praised the god and always told Oliver to seek it out, thus leading to him be curious to see the god himself.

Oliver had hardly any time to prepare, leading to him grabbing a colorful vase he had picked up at the market and rushing off to Torchline, clearly underprepared for the god. All he knew was that the god was playful and dealt with souls or something, so clearly he knew absolutely nothing.

A large crowd of all familiar faces had started to form. Trying to not crowd the god, Oliver stood in the back, but that couldn't stop the shocked expression from appearing on his face. With wide eyes, Oliver watched the god with....fear? Eagerness? He wasn't sure how he felt when he saw the god before him, but it wasn't something he would regret, at least not yet. He'd allow others to make the first moves if needed as for now, he was just a simple onlooker, watching for whatever would happen.
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Saiden Hali

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Saiden had been quick to make his way out to the sand bar as soon as he'd heard the news of Ludo's presence. After the conversation the god and the cook had, it seemed prudent. Besides, he wanted to thank the deity again for providing news of his family's death: as hard as it was to swallow, it was better than not knowing.

In his hands, he carried a small bag. Inside the bag was a set of dominoes, lovingly carved by him. There were all sorts of games that could be played with dominoes, so hopefully the god would appreciate the Hali's gift.

Glancing around at the crowd, he laughed when he realized no one had approached Ludo. Approaching the ragged god, Saiden bowed his head respectfully. "Thank you for your presence here, Ludo. Please accept this offering." He held up the bag for Ludo to take if it so chose. Then the Hali smiled. "Would you like to play?"

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Loren Launceleyn
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Love mends even the broken parts
Loren made frequent enough trips to Torchline that when he passed through the portal, he immediately noticed something in the air. It didn't take him long to uncover that something unusual was going on down at Hale Ka'aila. So he'd made his way over to the sand bar, Astra in tow.

Of course, when he saw who was in the crowd gathered there (and what the crowd was centered around) his eyes narrowed. Giving Ludo a wary look, he spotted the hawk on the spire and frowned. Glancing between Sunjata and Maea, the Launceleyn eventually sighed and went to go stand near Oliver. As the healer's luxere companion greeted Oliver, Loren dropped his voice to a whisper. "Hey Ollie. What's going on?"

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Alina Estarr

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Despite Safrin's reassurances, Alina still found herself watching the portal on the Torchline side like a hawk. She didn't trust this new land, and glared at anyone who gaped up at her from below. Hovering above them as she was, she just kept a grip on her spear and stared them down until they moved on.

Today was different though. There was something strange going on with lights in the distance, and she found herself immediately flying towards it. When she saw that Ludo was there, her eyes narrowed in surprise. Glancing around at the assembled crowd, she found herself flying in circles over it, curious to see how these humans would worship the old god.
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There was so much to see, so much to take in, it was almost too much.

Quanil hadn't expected anything like this, but... who could? They were drawn to the bobbing lights, the gathering voices. The cathedral that seems both natural and not, and the ethereal orbs... Who could resist coming to check it out, especially when they were so possessed of curiosity it seemed to have replaced their very blood?

They did notice Miss Haai, but there was already a thronging crowd between them and the collected glow of so many... whatever they were. Then they saw Miss Isuma and instinctively took a step back.

I didn't technically disobey, they reminded themselves. I'm an adult and I'm a Loreseeker and it's okay that I'm here. And even if it's not, well... I am here anyway!

Easier thought than said, certainly, especially if they got even the vaguest hint that the guild master might be upset with them. For now, better to stay back, away from familiar faces who might call out to them and alert Provost Silversmith to their presence.

Besides, there was so much to wonder at here, so much to wonder about, and they'd never let a little thing like "common sense" stop them before. Why start now?
Seiji Okura

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The ocean’s pull is undeniable. And perhaps fortunate, as well. Seiji has not been able to leave this place just yet; has lingered, soaking up the music of the surf and the breeze, watching midday fade to afternoon fade to a pastel sunset. He is sitting in the sand when he notices the lights in the distance: just pinpricks, really, tiny lanterns or colorful candles illuminating the spires of the shoreline chapel. He goes to investigate because he can, because every reason to stay in an excuse to avoid going home.

Or maybe — he finally is home.

By now, the cold is sharp enough for Seiji to shrug his jacket on. To return his shoes to his feet (after shaking them out). It is nothing compared to what will come, but the sea adds to it a bite that sends shivers down his skinny frame. He is just pulling up the collar of his coat when he notices the crowd.

A small crowd, to be sure. Some of the faces here strike him with a burst of recognition, warm enough to elicit a smile. Jigano’s fall of white hair catches his eye first, then one or two other faces he remembers from the Hollowed Grounds but cannot put to names.

It is toward Jigano Seiji makes his way, hoping he isn’t distracting the bard from Loreseeker business. Hoping the distraction will be welcome. “Jigano.” That soft smile, reaching all the way through his eyes. I am glad to see you, it says. “Do you know a name for these?” he asks, gesturing toward the spark Isuma chases.
Morgan Aristomache
Captain of the Deepfrost Shields

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Perhaps it was an odd twist of fate, that she would see Ludo at the end of her trip when she had unsuccessfully tried to summon Safrin. Morgan did not eagerly approach the lights as easily as others, simply stood back and observed, hand on the hilt of her sword - she had stripped down her armour to something more practical for the climate, but had never let go of her weapon.

The scene before her was unnerving. Like the spirits she knew well but not quite, the child's laughter sounding more like a taunt as it whipped up the sand around them and fell again. Eyes narrowed she kept her ground, thinking to protect the people around her if this became anything malicious.
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He had been to the cathedral once before, and found it both a sad and comforting place. The wind's child had continued to lurk around the edges of Haulani, overhearing bits of conversation and watching the flow of humanity with hesitant anxiety, trying to decide where he should go and who he could talk to, but he'd seen a great deal in his scouting to worry him about the place, and to make him wary of trusting the humans who lived there.

Word of some sort of event had come to him, however, and he had watched people trailing their way out towards the beach as the sun set. Towards the cathedral with its haunting melodies.

He had followed, uncertain, but hoping to learn more of this world, and when he drifted to a halt at the edge of the strand he held back from the others, recognizing only Seiji amongst those gathered. Hands wrapped around his bow he watched and waited in the shadows of the jungle, keeping his distance from them all until he knew what had brought them here this night.
Weaver Hale

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She comes, and like so many others, she does not approach. Though she watches Saiden curiously as he does. Abandoned, and yet, he seems familiar with Ludo at least? Was it really only her that they all just ignored so fully, so completely? You’d think being so bitter about it, Weaver wouldn’t have bothered to show when she’d heard the rumors. On the contrary though, it seems like her only chance to ever really interact with the gods, even from afar.

There are plenty of faces she recognizes here, but she stays alone. Had Saiden not been busy talking to Ludo, perhaps she would have joined him, but as it stands, Weaver has no desire to interrupt his opportunity. And she isn’t fool enough to believe that even now Ludo would pay her much attention. Just in case though, Weaver has a little toy boat tucked into her pack, not entirely sure what this encounter might bring.


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