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For all the colour and vibrancy of Leafchange, this time of year is also one of great reflection. Things change, or have changed, and now is the time to remember all that has passed throughout the year. All who have passed.

Deepfrost has yet to sink its teeth into the world; now is for rememberance, for quiet consideration. It is also for play, for one last hurrah before the snows come and the cold sets in for good.

Welcome to the Leafchange seasonal event! This event will run from March 1 - April 30. All requirements must be met to complete the event. Multiple characters can participate, but the threads do not carry across! (I.E. Both characters must complete all threads to gain +2 stat each).

Please include {SE} somewhere in your thread title.

Please complete the following requirements:

1. Complete a thread dedicated to a character who has passed away. (This could be someone from your character's past or history - it doesn't have to be a PC!)

2. Create a lantern for the Festival of Lights - the lantern should be in memory of someone who died.

3. Participate in {Mini Event} rollin' bones in honour of Ludo.

4. Meet someone new in a 1x1 thread!

5. Use a Wonder Puddle in the Greatwood to try and read your fortune! (Yes, this may be difficult for Ascended).

6. Participate in the Festival of Lights by posting twice or more - this will occur towards the end of the season, and will be linked here when the time comes.
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