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How To:
To become a professional (denoted by a ✓ next to your character's profession), you must have a PQ establishing your business and 5 threads dedicated to your craft. This is what lets other characters know you are established/an expert in your field, rather than someone who has just started out.

So Far:
PQ to Establish Business as Merchant: TBD
(Check to see if these threads count)
Trading/Selling to Phoebe: listen to the roar of the crowd
Trading/Selling to Theo: The Thieves of the Street
Trading/Selling to Zephyr: When the Ocean Calls
Trading/Selling to Selene: A Change of Pace

Other Things:
  • Get some sort of jewelry from a god that will tell if and when he's lying.
  • Get a proper home and shop, instead of the hovel that he currently lives in (when he's not living on his small ship).
  • Get a family (already has an adopted son, really wants a child of his own, biologically).
  • Get the girl (re: Phoebe, attached to the jewelry bit).
  • Perhaps a companion.

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