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A marvel of gravity-defying architecture, the merfolk city beneath Haulani is a sight seen by precious few mouth-breathers. Castles of sand, coral, and other underwater resources glitter despite being far from the reach of the sun above the waves, illuminated from within by bioluminescent plankton. But some areas of the city are colder and darker than even this state of twilight; a direct result of being in the shadow of Haulani floating far above. There may be many ways of breathing underwater, but only true aquatic creatures are welcome here.

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Notice Board
A magical underwater board for the mermaids to pass along information on.
The Notice Board :: 12-31-2022, 06:12 PM :: by Sunjata
The Spiral Marketplace
Laid out like a vast nautilus shell constructed from driftwood, stone, and pale coral, the Spiral Marketplace is open at all hours and stretches up several 'stories', with stalls open to the ocean on at least one side. Shoppers may swim not only between stores on the same level, but rise or descend through the market to other vendors for their wares.
Drowned Gardens
These shrubberies have long since succumbed to the sea, but flowering sea grasses and short kelp now grow around the base of the city’s central tower. Spreading in a broad circle, they are bordered by stone steps that lead down into the garden’s depression. Dotted throughout, one can spy marble statues of mythical beasts and tall, stately humans in flowing garments. The artistry is exquisite and almost disturbingly lifelike, but the heads of all of the human statues have been broken off and are nowhere to be found.
Razortooth Basin
Northwest of the Underwater City, a great crater yawns into the blackness of the sea, though its origins have been long forgotten. Dark brambles grow in dense thickets throughout the basin, making it tricky to explore, and any cuts or scrapes risk drawing the attention of predators lurking nearby. A curious variety of bioluminescent seastar makes its home here and can be found in large numbers, winking in the water like lights.
Moonkissed Reef
Warm water flows ceaselessly through this underwater forest of coral, stone and sea plants, ebbing and rising with the tide. The coral is beautiful but deadly sharp, and closer inspection reveals that much of it grows directly from the skeletons of creatures long since dead. No small number of the animals that hide here are coated in lethal poisons or venomous spines, and at night, the rounded corals that give the reef its name glow with a soft ambience, creating islands of light beneath the dark waters. An opening into Rae’s Fingers may also be located here, allowing merfolk access into the labyrinth of tunnels.

Underwater City
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