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Pale turquoise in its shallows to a deep, swallowing blue deeper out at sea, the Arclight Ocean is so named for the bands of concentric light that seem to scatter across the water when the sun sets. No one knows what causes this phenomenon, but myths abound - from merfolk to magic to old and ancient technology.

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Underwater City
A marvel of gravity-defying architecture, the merfolk city beneath Haulani is a sight seen by precious few mouth-breathers. Castles of sand, coral, and other underwater resources glitter despite being far from the reach of the sun above the waves, illuminated from within by bioluminescent plankton. But some areas of the city are colder and darker than even this state of twilight; a direct result of being in the shadow of Haulani floating far above. There may be many ways of breathing underwater, but only true aquatic creatures are welcome here.
The Notice Board :: 12-31-2022, 06:12 PM :: by Sunjata
Hundreds of feet below the surface where the pressure will kill you slower than the predatory creatures that roam the semi-sunlit waters, is a dilapidated shrine to the old gods.
Kuali'i Isles
An ever-changing number of islands that act almost like a sentient hive-mind of insects. Melding into each other and then breaking away, the islands never stay in the same place or shape for long. Some are several hundred meters wide while others are merely large enough for one person to sit on. Pay attention to your surroundings, or you'll surely end up far from where you started.
All the stars have fallen... :: Today, 05:49 AM :: by Jude
The Maw
An underwater volcano which has been dormant for centuries. With many of the Kualii isles floating nearby, even those who cannot swim or fly can eventually make their way to the Maw given enough patience. Be wary, however - it has been recently confirmed that an enormous kraken lurks in the depths, living deep at the heart of the volcano. Its massive body is all that keeps the crater quiet.
For this kind of life :: 06-25-2024, 03:31 PM :: by Seren
Dominated by smoke and magma, the north of Torchline casts an eerie glow that can be seen by departing ships for miles around. Once a long dormant volcano, Apopo has now completely collapsed into the ocean on one side. The waters surrounding it boil and steam, and the land is unstable at best.
Metacarpal Island
South of Apopo, a beautiful yet macabre phenomenon peeps from the ocean. From a distance, all seems serene; pale stone, pure white sands and glorious red flora. A closer inspection, however, reveals the gruesome truth. It is not stones but skeletons that make up the structure of the isle, the debris of hundreds of bones bound and tangled together by crimson roots. Every plant that flourishes here is carnivorous, and every victim only adds to the growth of the island. Some Torchers swear that it moves through the waters like a living thing, though this has never been proven.
Where the meteor crashed into the Arclight, a new island has formed about 2km away from Torchline's shores. Composed of strange, alien rock, the majority of the surface is a deep violet, porous stone giving way to a series of underground caves and tunnels. The meteor is home to dozens of void flora and fauna of unknown name and origin. The entire island hums with a dangerous energy and is enveloped by violent ocean storms that churn around its shores and peaks.

Arclight Ocean
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