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Stormbreak - Rules

Nestled in the clouds some 5km above sea level, the capital city of Caido is just as lofty and grand as one might imagine. Everything within has been created by hand or with godly-assistance, and magical individuals are forbidden to set foot in the city. Indeed, statues line nearly every archway and road, crafted from sentient marble that can detect magic and will immediately turn all Abandoned to stone. Skyships dot the heavens all around the region, which spans nearly 800km across. It would take an individual just over one month to cross Stormbreak on foot.

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City Area
A bustling metropolis of clean and orderly streets, Stormbreak makes other regions seem feral and uncouth in comparison. Often swathed in mist until the early afternoon (or later, if it happens to be a cloudy day), there is an ethereal quality to the area that ensnares the senses, making it easy to lose your way.
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The Falling
The perimeters of Stormbreak taper off into steep cliffs and a long, long drop into the sea. The view from here is breathtaking, and those brave or stupid enough to attempt it can climb along the literal edge of the region. Hand Mines and sentient marble statues may be found hidden in the rocks here, in case of any Abandoned attempting to climb into the city from below.
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City Gates
The gates of Stormbreak lay to the north of the city, and are sharp, 30ft high and flanked by two grand statues of dragons. These are made from the same sentient marble as those within the city and can detect magic and will immediately turn all Abandoned to stone. The walls are of the same height as the gates, ensuring that visitors to the city may only enter through the correct channels.