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The largest island within the Hollowed Grounds, the Inner Quarter is easily as large as all of Halo, and sits at the very heart of the region. Formerly a sanctuary for those trapped behind a magical barrier, the area boasts a surprising amount of knowledge and industry, from marketplaces and housing to guilds and farmland.

Near the Temple area, one can also find the following: Everlasting Bonfire | A large (10 square feet), open air bonfire stands in the centre of the Inner Quarter. Glittering with a rainbow of assorted gemstones, it requires no fuel to keep burning, and will not go out regardless of wind, rain, snow or any other adverse weather.

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A formidable building used as a central meeting place, as well as an area to seek refuge if necessary. Within, one can find store rooms, offices and a medical wing. While no longer used in active prayer, the Temple is also home to a shrine to the Voice. Offerings, notes of thanks and candles have been arranged around a statue erected in the likeness of a young woman with her head bowed in prayer.
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An eclectic jumble of residences, the housing district within the Hollowed Grounds appears to have been stitched together from a patchwork of styles and materials. There is no conformity to be found here, but the buildings are well constructed, safe and warm. Some citizens like to run their businesses from their homes.
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An ancient, domed building which holds the remnants of volumes and tomes in a range of languages. The interior is grandiose, and while most libraries are silent places, the Atheneum benefits from the music of gently running water. Throughout the building flows a cleverly constructed waterway, allowing access to knowledge for the more aquatically inclined.
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Ironbolt Penitentiary
A prison created by Zariah Launceleyn during her reign as Queen, the Ironbolt Penitentiary is a cold and formidable place. With reinforced cells capable of holding quite powerful prisoners, the prison is not a place you want to remain for long if not strictly necessary.
Military Barracks
Beside the remnants of the Monster Hunter's guild, the military barracks stands as a means of defense, including an armory, residences for any soldiers, and a front room to organize and orchestrate any offensive/defensive maneuvers for the Hollowed Grounds. The back fields include a training grounds, with targets and available space for drills and practice in all manner of weaponry.
Black Lake
The waters along the western edge of the Inner Quarter are a startling inky colour. Be not alarmed, however - this shadow on the coast is nothing sinister, but instead signals the presence of an underground lake running for hundreds of metres, sheathed within a large cavern. Access to the cavern may only be granted by swimming, or by climbing down through nearby fissures in the ground. It is pitch black inside.
The Last Whisper
Inaccessible from the ground level, one must tiptoe down a flight of old stone steps between two buildings to discover this part of the Inner Quarter. A covered lane, this area is home to bars, gambling parlours, brothels, fortune tellers and other strange and delightful boutiques. Cramped and hazy, it is easy to get lost down here, and some never want to find their way out besides.
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Inner Quarter
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