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The Spire :: Threads 3 :: Posts 37
An obsidian tower dominates the very core of this place, striking at the sky like a black needle. The walls are smooth but for a square outline at the base of the structure which might be a door. There does not seem to be any way to get inside.
There is no way back :: 02-09-2019, 11:20 PM :: by Jigano
Sanctuary :: Threads 55 :: Posts 485
The ruins immediately around the Spire have been tamed by the new arrivals, creating a refuge in the chaos. Buildings have been renovated, repairs have been made to the streets and there are even a few rudimentary attempts to decorate.
On this winter's night wi... :: 15 minutes ago :: by Remi
Ruins :: Threads 52 :: Posts 516
Old buildings on the verge of collapse, winding, empty streets, skeletal structures and hidden lanes and alleyways. Ruins dominate the city and make up the majority of its landscape. Exploration is dangerous…but it might be rewarding, too.
The Outskirts :: Threads 56 :: Posts 430
While subtle, there is a definite border between the Hollowed Ground and the land beyond. Those who stray too close will receive a nasty shock, and no one has been able to step outside it. It is not recommended to linger at the Outskirts; the place is rife with danger and unexplained encounters. Caution is advised.
[SEASONAL EVENT] A Palmer... :: 3 hours ago :: by Phoebe
Glade :: Threads 18 :: Posts 147
A small spot of completely natural beauty sits in the shadow of the Spire. So completely at odds with this desolate wasteland, the Glade boasts a circle of fragrant trees and a rolling expanse of sweet grass. The sound of birdsong and distant, babbling water suffuses the place.
(Seasonal Event) Like Sto... :: 02-14-2019, 03:01 AM :: by Seiji